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So I've scrapped Tryzyzet's original mod and I completely remade the race from scratch.

The race itself is an entirely separate one, which means that the vanilla Dremora you encounter on your travels and conjure won't be affected at all.
It works with and without Dawnguard.

Scrapped the previous mod and I completely remade it from scratch
Fixed Vanilla Armor not showing
Fixed Feeding as a Vampire(for real this time)
Fixed left hand casting.
Added lore friendly abilities.

1. Just drop the .esp, .esm files and the script folder on the Data folder which is inside your main install folder for Skyrim.
2. Activate the .esp via launcher or NMM.

Because the script bug still exists I will give you some instructions on how to become a vampire as a Dremora.
First you need download the bat file and place it on your main install folder, where TESV.exe is.

If contacted Sanguinare Vampiris:
Wait for the usual 3 days and when you are transformed into a vampire, open up the console and type "bat vampire" minus the "s.

If bitten by Harkon(For Dawnguard users):
Simply open up the console and type the above line.

When transforming in and out of the Vampire Lord form, it should not revert you back to your non-vampire race(Tested it myself).

Add voice to the Shouts

Grimoa's Dremora Customization Custom Dremora Hairstyles based on the vanilla hairstyles of the other races, also includes the scars.

Race Menu Fully customisable skin colours and many other things.

Trzyzet for originally inspiring me to make this mod.
expired6978 for his tutorial on custom races and Racial Compatibility.
Nexus for the really large mod database.
Bethesda for making the Elder Scrolls Series.