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  1. headphones
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    I just released a new voice pack with over 250 custom voiced lines to be used with your mod and PC Headtracking! You can find it over at
    It's compatible with LE/Oldrim too!

    Thanks to the creators of this mod for making it possible!
    1. Okasani
      • member
      • 56 posts
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      Nice. You hid it
    2. Demoneity
      • supporter
      • 41 posts
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      Its hidden and you cant access it....
    3. phillipak
      • premium
      • 123 posts
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      Actually, it ISN'T possible.  YOU HID THE MOD!!!  Why did you do that when it's obviously needed?
    4. KonchitaActual
      • member
      • 11 posts
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      You're an idiot.
  2. kururugikai
    • member
    • 63 posts
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    is there an SSE version of this?
    1. delgathar
      • premium
      • 918 posts
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      It works fine in SE. Just do the basic conversion of opening it in CK and close.
    2. Barker3D
      • premium
      • 38 posts
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      @delgathar thanks for the heads up. I thought getting this to work in SSE was going to be a pain but it was super easy.
    3. Mishisings
      • member
      • 59 posts
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      is that really all it takes? I did just that basic conversion, and I'm not hearing ANYTHING

      UPDATE: oh nevermind, it's working, but the voice pack I'm using is a little quiet.
  3. jaderiver
    • member
    • 15,629 posts
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    This is the first time using this mod,  I was using , player voice sets mod,  but wanted a replacement, I read the description, but in game the power brings an enable menu , of type 1 type 2 type 3 , so is that all there is to choose from ? 
    1 female voice and 2 other I can't hear , guessing they must be male ? 
    Do you have to be a specific class to be able to have access to additional voices ? I'm using this for the first time with the bad ass additional voices mod , its really confusing, and frustrating with info Not Being Clear on how to use or whats what with the power that brings up a menu of type 1 type 2 type 3 , you have apply each just to listen and choose which it is ???

    Edit made a new testing male  and got nothing from type 2 or type 3 with enable each, , so I'll just disable both, they're not working no matter what I try , the Only thing that does or type 1 for a female animine, .. and I really, don't like that=/ 

    1. Lyritheus
      • member
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      You have to make the other two types yourself. It's a customizeable mod. Or, download other people's sets they've shared. 
      The first female set is merely a template, at least, it was in my eyes.
  4. Lyritheus
    • member
    • 55 posts
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    I was very unhappy with Chiz's player voiceset mod as he seems a bit arrogant and the files are disorganised and require conversion. 

    But with this mod, I spent a long while making my own voice set, working well with Ly's player voice replacer (Ly Player Only Voice Replacer) for the melee hit sounds. Happy with the file simplicity; I don't have to convert from .wav to .fuz and the response time can be adjusted by length of audio clip and everything is well organised. 
    Here are my only two issues:

    1. Health pool dialogue not triggering, maybe it will in time, but I have yet to see it.
    2. The activate sound is suddenly hellishly loud. Pressing a door open quietly is accompanied by CLICKLICK. It's louder than it was in vanilla, and I know I'm not being fooled. I suspect it may be an overlapping sound? Very aggravating and I will look into it with TES5Edit but I'm not that experienced. 
    Edit: My computer repeatedly keeps rigging all F keys to their basic numerical counterparts (F5 will also press 5 for some reason) and it was hotequipping skills while I pressed activate. It went away after a reboot, but now it's back? It's my own problem, anyway. 
    And the health pool dialogue, I assume, is rigged to a time interval. I have realistic timescaling so I assume it'll take 15 minutes in real life to hear a line, but that's fine. Beautiful mod anyways. 
  5. ElDawn69
    • member
    • 9 posts
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    what mod do you use to change the NPC voice like in the video?
  6. dw4rhack
    • member
    • 12 posts
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    mm... A nadie se le a ocurrido como hacer voces en español? yo no se como hacer mods por eso pregunto
    1. DankPrank
      • member
      • 45 posts
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      Como en Oblivion y Fallout </3
  7. gakusangi
    • member
    • 549 posts
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    Anyone else have all their player attack sounds stop working after uninstalling this?
  8. orestis666
    • member
    • 201 posts
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    Hey I really like your work, I use this mod since forever. Unfortunately it isn't very responsive and it doesn't always display the sounds. A guy made a fix for that back in 2012 but it doesn't work on the last update :

    Possible to add a quick esp and script fix?
  9. LoggedInOnlyForMods
    • member
    • 46 posts
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    how can i use this in sse? i installed it manually but it's like i did nothing at all
  10. lafourminoir
    • member
    • 244 posts
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    oddly. I put sounds all over it. but in game I have no sound ?_?

    do I have to fill in all the sounds? (10) or just adding 2 or 3 is enough?