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  1. dasik84
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    We have so much different view on playing Skyrim that it's incredible. You want to be slower and slower and all I've ever wanted since my very first launch of Skyrim in November 2011 was to get rid of that stupid and off-game-throwing loot weight limit.
    I had to return 3 times (!!!) to the first main quest dungeon, just to take everything...
    All the loot should weight zero points.
  2. graywinds
    • member
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    i've been fighting ,hunting ,feasting in skyrim for almost 8 years ,how come i just find out about this mod ?
    thank you buddy
  3. NyghtofFire
    • member
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    I had this mod in for most of my playthrough, and early on it was fun to work with, especially since I'm using hunterborn, frostfall, realistic needs, and the mood mod.
    I remember having read somewhere that this was meant to be used alongside mods like bandolier, however that is where my problems start.
    When used with bandolier, heck, anything that adds extra carry weight, this mod ignores it and acts as if my carry weight is unchanged. This has led to an almost constant issue of my character falling over even though her carry weight is still about a hundred from being met, and now today I've started having a glitch where my perspective gets screwed up once my character gets up from having falling which does not like to right itself (or, rather, the game acts as if she is still on the ground - no access to my inventory cannot look down, camera is glitched)
    So I'm going to be trying to remove this from my save because as opposed to adding immersion all it does now is add frustration.
    I honestly feel sad over having to remove this one, as early in my save (before being able to craft my bandolier) it worked so well!
  4. RJLbwb
    • member
    • 243 posts
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    The way it just randomly changes every time you sheath and draw a weapon is not usable.
  5. allenwalker05
    • member
    • 134 posts
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    encumbrance for followers and Horses.
    PS: Compatible with Immersive Horses, Bandolier - bags and pouches, backpack's frostall and EFF(Extensible follower framework)
  6. Tinkerer2290
    • supporter
    • 72 posts
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    Is there a way to remove the falling down effect? I have crafting stations linked to chests and whenever I access them I get over 500 carry weight and immediately fall over.l
  7. tonycubed2
    • premium
    • 21,781 posts
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    ALL: With permission from Indigoneko and with credit duly given, this mod has been expanded on by me at:

  8. flakflak
    • member
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    been having random CTDs when i'm supposed to be falling over from weight limit.

    by "dawnguard edition only" do you mean the dawnguard.esm must be active and installed, or that this mod won't work if dragonborn is installed?

    reading from requirements of all the tweaks i've gotten for encumbrance, i can assume they're in the right order, but the crashing is annoying. At least it encouraged me to never pick up anything past my basic equipment for a weight limit!

    Have you mulled through this kind of issue with anyone else before? I enjoy the variable nature of this mod too much to go back to vanilla.

    If memory's right, i had 3 downloads: this, Realistic Needs/Diseases, and a tweak for this by some FishBiter character. I'll ask him if he's heard of this problem as well, but if it's from this mod for any reason i'd be happy to hear anything. thanks for reading and excellent job on this mod.
    1. tonycubed2
      • premium
      • 21,781 posts
      • 1,009 kudos
      I am pretty confident if allowed I can make this more stable and expand on it . I just decompiled the script and checked it out. will pm author.
  9. lizardmek
    • supporter
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    I've run into a bug where the mod ignores equipped items enchanted with "fortify carry weight". My character has a base max carry weight of 315, and becomes prone at 334, but still becomes prone even when her max carry weight is fortified to 440.

    I tested this on a game with no other mods running (save the official DLCs and SkyUI), and the same thing happened. Goes prone at 345/300; still goes prone when fortified to 345/360.

    This is otherwise one of my favourite mods. Thank you for making this and your other SkyRealism mods.

    ETA: I'm seeing from further back in the comments that this isn't a bug, but a feature. I'm sorry for not reading previous pages before commenting.
  10. Ktleinonen
    • premium
    • 21 posts
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    Can anyone confirm does this mod work with the mod that changes the default carrying capacity of each race? For ex. Nord has 120 and others less than that?
    Also Im using the mods that add weight to arrows and gold? Does this work with them? Thanks.
    1. fuzzylogic217
      • member
      • 36 posts
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      I use and I can't seem to get gold to register with this mod activated regardless of load order. Using seems to work fine.