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A Skyrim landscape/forest/river/sea/nature improvement.

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  • German

What this mod is about:
This mod is a total landscape makeover. It changes the landscape not only my adding more trees and bushes
but by actually changing the landscape. I've taken a lot of inspiration from the Unique Landscapes mod for Oblivion
as I think it was one of the greater mods for that game.
If this strikes you as something you would like then try it out!

The latest official Skyrim patch.

Notes about compatibility:
Expanded Towns and Cities (Works with the provided patch)
Alternate Start - Live Another Life (Put AS before GE in load order)

I haven't of course had the time to test with all possible mods out there
but no mod should break the game in combination with this one.

1.0.1 - Fixed some minor bugs and made the waterfall outside riverwood slightly bigger.
1.0 - Riverwood Forest release.
0.2.2 - Removed the Dawnguard.esm and Dragonborn.esm requirements
0.2.1 - I'm back! Navmesh fixes. NPC's behave correctly, wohooo!
0.2 - Now covers the whole area between Riverwood and Helgen
0.1.1 - Added more stuff around Riverwood

0.1 - First release

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