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Last updated at 20:52, 1 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 18:17, 25 Jul 2012

Have a user-created Diablo asset you think would fit perfectly in the mod? PM TripleSixes!

Tristram In Skyrim now requires SkyUI, and SKSE.

New in v2:
Open TiS's MCM tab to view your stats. (In Patch)
More life-like town NPCs.

Goal of the Mod

This mod is an attempt to fully recreate Diablo (The game) in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This mod recreates the abilities, quests, and the overall feel of Diablo, as a first person experience using the creation engine. This mod is a completely modular experience, but if you use the console, you will risk compromising your save's integrity.

Ever wanted to feel more immersed in the world of Sanctuary?
Ever wanted to dive into the Tristram cathedral in a first person view?

This mod is for you!

This project is made for the TiS community by Diablo players, community members have a lot of say when it comes to the development of this project. Be sure to let us know what you want out of TiS! Here is what we need from you, the user:

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This version of the mod has lots of place-holder models and imbalances in the skills and combat. Please reflect on these imperfections, but understand that I am aware of the place-holder models.

This mod has lots of menus and dialogue. I recommend:
Better MessageBox Controls by ecirbaf
Better Dialogue Controls by ecirbaf

How to start:
This mod comes "as is", unexpected behavior caused by console use will not be addressed, do yourself the favor of not using the console for anything in this mod.
This version is officially playable with your main character, if you wish. I am 100% sure there are no unexpected issues that could complicate your main character's save-game, as long as you do not use the console for anything.

While in Nirn (NOT Sanctuary), Open Skyrim's main menu (Esc), and open the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM), click on 'Tristram In Skyrim'. This menu is essential to playing the mod. The 'Teleport' tab functions as a means to bounce between Nirn and Sanctuary. It stores all of your Skyrim equipment and stats, and sets you up for play with new ones. You will arrive naked to your destination after using this teleport, excluding the first time. This is a limitation of papyrus. Just equip your belongings and go about your day. Using this 'teleport' tab while in Sanctuary, will send you back to Nirn, storing your RuneSky items and stats, and swapping between the previously stored stats.

Do not open the vanilla skill menu after you've leveled up, doing so will trap you in the skill menu until you increment your stats, which will impact your TiS stats, and not your Skyrim stats. I have the development of TiS's stats scripted and taken care of, you will be messing with your Skyrim skill set. Just don't do it!
If you want to invest level up bonuses and perks into your character. Take a moment to bounce back to Nirn using the MCM's Teleport option. Do so, then hop back to Sanctuary.

DO NOT USE THE CONSOLE FOR ANYTHING. You have been warned. Problems such as zeroing out player skills and stats can occur, as well as losing all of your items permanently. Scripts will also fail to run, or continue to run, hindering your gameplay.

How to uninstall the mod:
You can't, Muahahaha... just kidding. Before you disable or delete the mod, be sure to use the MCM's teleport function to place your character back in Nirn. Failure of doing so will trap you with CTDs.

You will need to delete these folders:

You will also need to delete these files:


Will you upload to Steam Workshop? Someday soon :)

Why doesn't the mod use the audio (music and voices) from Diablo? Using Blizzard's files and content violates their fair use agreement. Which is copyright infringement. Please do not argue with examples of projects that have used the assets, I've decided against it to be on the safe side. End of story.

When I try to install Tristram In Skyrim with the Nexus Mod Manager, I get an error message saying "System Out Of Memory Exception". Help? You will need to manually install the game, as NMM has issues with installing large mods that are in .bsa archives. It is quite simple actually:
1. Extract the files from the .7z
2. Drag and drop the .bsa into your skyrim directory (the same directory that contains your data folder)
3. Drag the .esp file into the skyrim data folder.
4. Launch the Skyrim launcher or open up NMM, and enable the data file "Tristram In Skyrim".
5. Run Skyrim and enjoy the mod.

I keep getting a CTD when zoning between Tristram and the dungeon; After using Town Portal, I am teleported to the void. Make this amendment to your Skyrim.ini file. Go to C:\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim and search for this file Skyrim.ini. open with notepad, under [General] add iLargeIntRefCount=999999, if you notice a drop in FPS, lower the number until you get a better result.

Random Dungeons? There will be random dungeons, whether they will be created from scratch upon entry or cycled between presets, is up to whether or not I can get the process to work correctly.

Durability? Modders are having enough trouble with this, if a durability mod comes out, perhaps i'll work it into TIS, otherwise not.

Loot System? There will be a loot system that will feature weapon identification and prefix/suffix enchantments.

Any Hellfire content? If this mod is a hit, I will work on this expansion and release it as a patch.

Will you make a Diablo II remake? If Tristram In Skyrim becomes popular, and I get a larger development force; I will make the sequel, The Prime Evils.

Is there a Cow Level? Now you're just being udderly ridiculous.