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****REGARDING DAWNGUARD****: The Dawnguard DLC introduces a bug that prevents custom dialogues from working for save games that do not have the said mod activated (i.e. it does not affect games that already use the mod). The fix would be to save instantly with the mod activated and reload. This procedure only needs to be followed once. For more information, this is a thread from the official forums.

Important: Every time this mod is updated, the player should sleep in a bed so that the update script can fire up and update the mod's internal variables. Otherwise, the mod may not function properly if you have an older version installed.

Version 1.11: Added 3 new shader effects. Special effect books are no longer free
Version 1.10: Introduced "Artisan" and "Relic Hunter" as guests. Added a new system to manipulate the shaders of NPCs.
Version 1.05: Removed the Magelight activation requirement of the Homunculus due to reports of spell recognition issue in other language versions.

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Summary: This mods introduces multifunctional NPCs that can serve as housemates, mannequins, merchants, and companions. Their appearances can be customized to some degree (alpha and shaders) and, by and large, breathe some life into an otherwise bland adventure experience.

Long description: Everything's described in the website (see above). But here are some brief descriptions:

1. There is a total of 7 unique NPC's and each can be crafted using a work bench. The item you should be looking for is "Homunculus ([Insert type])" which is located in the Misc category.

2. Once the homunculus has been crafted, place it on the floor and cast "Magelight" on it. This will spawn an NPC which would be your new guest

3. Do whatever you like with the guest

General notes:
- Each guest has an anchoring position where it calls home. It is defaulted to where they were spawned, but can be asked to change.
- If asked to go home, the guests will return to their anchoring point
- Guests can be asked to follow, stay idle, or fool around (i.e. do their own activities).
- Guests will largely behave like mannequins, but may will have favourites on more powerful equipment if they are given options to choose
- Each type of guest sells a type of merchandise but the goods themselves cannot be accessed by you or them for free
- Each type of guest has a different fighting style that is related to their name
- Only 1 instance of each type of guest can exist at a time
- Dismissing a guest destroys him/her permanently
- Upon creation of a guest, you receive a ring that, upon equip, will immediately teleport the corresponding guest to you and set him to follow. When the guest is dismissed, this ring is also removed from the game
- Guests are essential NPC's but will be incapacitated when an opponent strikes a "killing blow". When that happens, they will be out of commission until the fight is over (this setup is to make them useful but not too overpowered)
- The shaders made available to choose are just a limited set that I tested. If there are cooler ones, please let me know

Technical notes:
- It is currently impossible to name the guests on the fly
- Guests will often have trouble moving in user-created environments/cells due to the infamous Navmesh bug in Skyrim (I heard Bethesda is fixing it, but it seems to be still around as of now