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  1. Sepherose
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    Just an update on the state of the next version:

    I have corrected the issue that I was having with the dragons suddenly changing appearance when flying away, but this requires a bit of work. The update could be out as soon as tomorrow afternoon and will require a complete uninstall of the previous version (simply ensure you are indoors before uninstalling, save and quite, uninstall, load your game, save an quit, install new version).

    The new version will have the dragons integrated into the leveled lists and a bashed patch will be strongly recommend.

    EDIT: The new version hasn't been uploaded yet. I was testing things and discovered that the isue still persists into the new build. I'm going to have to dig deeper and attempt to figure out the root cause.
    1. Druidx44
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      I'll be watching thank you for all your hard work.
    2. Will2365
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      Does this support burning skies? Would love to change into one of the models.
  2. Andomian
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    Always loved the mod, the brilliant Leviathan is my absolute favourite. Just how majestic is that! And holy gods are they strong. :O Sadly I'm having issues with (a) invisible dragon(s), only recently found out as I tried to 'killall' to see if it fixes my ctd in Morthal, and a few seconds later one of those bronze dragons fell from the sky. Guess that explained it. xD Also having an issue with the game spawning three of the Ruddy Aspfang instead of three elks/deers/wolves/whatevers. On the way west to Rorikstead and on the cliff path south Ivarstead.-.^ Not blaming this mod, it could also be a conflict with Beasts of Tamriel or the Dragon Texture replacer. Just noting it in case someone has the same issue and can trace it back here.
  3. Darkf1re
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    Still don't understand how to install the leveled list version, do you just install this with NMM and then do the same to the leveled list version, making sure it loads after this one? It doesn't ask me to overwrite anything. Could it be that im trying to do all this to the the factionless version?
  4. FawfulFox
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    I love this mod to bits! Is it still supported? :c
  5. Bkrp
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    Anyone else is having the same issue I have? When I engage some of these new dragons, most enemies in the area aggro on me instantly, even if they are far. This happens with the bandits on Mzinchaleft, near Dawnstar, for example. This doesn't happen with vanilla dragons.
  6. khm1989
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    Think your swamp dragon that's tiny compare to the other dragons was making me crash, until then it never happen with other drags. Once I was in its area CTD 10x or more.Tried to remove it with Tes but not an expert with that so CTD at start lol. Removed mod and no CTD in area. Used your mod always so idk what went wrong in this new game.
  7. free8082002
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    Hunterborn think your dragon is wolf? Some kind of problem with internal id?
    If I try to manual loot with HB crash.
    If I try pick the body ctd
    I process the carcass and give ice wolf ingredients mixed with agraven stuff?
    Edit: Found with editor that 001BellyStonedrakeActor as "death item Ice Wolf".
    This is intended?
    120 ITM? Thats ok? 3 UDR. Need clean or intended.
  8. Daimonicon
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    Not sure why but it's completly buggy on my side.

    Dragon's are invisible sometimes. Dragon's are walking in in the air and don't take Damage than.

    I have no other mod installed for dragon's ore somethink like that.
  9. zhoulia
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    I haven't seen a single dragon at all, even did a new character to see if the issue was there, reinstalled it even. Havent seen any dragons at all.
    Anybody had similar or same issues?
  10. tortuga76
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    hello does anyone know if this compatible with Chaos Dragons by yousukeve
    would really like to have both but very unsure.
  11. gooddaycitizen12
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    +1 for sse port, love the mod