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Bellyaches New Dragon Species
Author: wrig675

Thanks for downloading my mod (or at least being interested enough to find out more)!


There are two versions of this mod.

1. The main file - dragons are part of certain factions to prevent them from aggroing the world
2. The optional file - dragons are essentially factionless and will attack nearby creatures, bandits, etc.

Benefits of each:

1. Dragons are much more likely to remain grounded so they will not aggro you until you choose to engage them.
2. Realistic, since a dragon probably wouldn't tolerate a bandit walking in front of it.

Limitations of each:

1. Nearby wolves and bears will aggro you when you attack a dragon because they are set to help allies and friends. I did not change the behaviors of the animals for compatibility purposes. In some ways this is unrealistic in that a bandit will not aggro the dragon.
2. Dragons are much more prone to flying and may engage you even if you did not want to fight the dragon.



Dragons in this mod are of similar difficulty to the dragons that are already in the game. This is not a dragon overhaul mod, it is simply to add more variation and interest to the dragons of Skyrim.

You can use Deadly Dragons to increase the difficulty of these dragons.

Dragons do not scale with the player. Thus, you may encounter a high level dragon if you are low level. Dragons above level 20 will not attack on sight; rather, they will warn you when you get too close. Stay away from them if you don't want to get into a fight.

Some dragons (albiet not many) are flying. These dragons will readily attack you, so keep your distance. Only grounded dragons (some of the level 20s, and all that are above level 20) will give you an aggro warning.

Level 10
Ruddy Aspfang
Speckled Swampdiver

Level 20
Azure Racer
Cardinal Flayer
Keene's Talon
Violet Stormchaser

Level 30
Emerald Snapper
Rimy Snowslider

Level 40
Ebony Bulldrake
Red-bellied Brasher

Level 50
Brilliant Leviathan

Level 60


Aggroing Dragons

For grounded dragons with aggro warning:

Very Far - dragon does not head track or notice player
Far - dragon head tracks player
Close - aggro warning range, dragon turns entire body to face player (dragon is still unaggressive and you can wait and use fast travel in this range)
Very close - aggro range, dragon flies into air and begins attacking


Dragon Loot

The two weakest dragons (Ruddy Aspfang and Stonedrake) do not drop scales, bones, or souls. They are just fun to find and beat up.

All other dragons drop scales, bones, and souls. All dragons drop some flavor item depending on where they are found or what they like to eat.



You've been warned. You may proceed, so long as you're aware that you may be spoiling the surprises in your adventures.



Azure Racer - by large bodies of fresh water
E of Half-moon Mill
Circling near Reachwater Rock
E of Treva's Watch
Grounded E of Dead Men's Respite

Brilliant Leviathan - by sanctuaries and untouched wilderness
Grounded W of Greenspring Hollow
Grounded at Clearpine Pond
Grounded SE of Hunter's Rest

Cardinal Flayer - near mines
Grounded N of Gloombound Mine (removed from Embershard Mine, as it was killing new players near Helgen)
Circling Bilegulch Mine
Circling near Kolskeggr Mine
Flying high over Whistling Mine, near Shrine of Azura

Ebony Bulldrake - near towers and ruins
Circling near Pinefrost Tower ruin
Grounded NE of Falkreath Watchtower

Emerald Snapper - near cold coastlines
Circling near Bleakcoast Cave
SE, grounded near Hela's Folly over dead horker
Circling W of Broken Oar Grotto, over deserted island
NE of Northwatch Keep, grounded on small island over dead horker

Keene's Talon - by barrows and graves
Grounded SW of Windward Ruins
Grounded E of Hamvir's Rest

Nighthawk - wherever, chill where they want
Grounded S of Dushnikh Yal, on the rocks
Grounded NW of Windward Pass, high on mountain
Grounded E of Septimus Signus's Outpost on distant island with bears, horkers, and wolves

Red-bellied Brasher - near mammoths
Grounded on a mountain slope near Sleeping Tree Camp
Grounded, E of Cradlecrush Rock

Rimy Snowslider
Grounded S of Pinemoon Cave
Grounded S of Weynon Stones
Grounded at Sightless Pit

Ruddy Aspfang - in pairs or packs near roads
Two, W of Wolfskull Cave
Three, SE of Rorikstead
Two, S of Snow Veil Sanctum
Three, E of Hillgrund's Tomb

Speckled Swampdiver - swampy areas
Grounded S of Eldergleam Sanctuary
Grounded N of Riverside Shack
Grounded N of Folgunthur

Stonedrake - by high mountains and rocky areas
Grounded N of Duskglow Crevice, on the mountain
Grounded near Skyborn Alter, higher on the mountain
Circling near Bthardamz
Grounded, NE of Ansilvund
Grounded, SE of Crabber's Shanty
Grounded, S of Chillwind Depths
Grounded, NE of Silent Moons Camp

Violet Stormchaser - found in the southern parts of Skyrim
Grounded, W of Valthume, on rocks
Grounded at Arcwind Point but will not aggro upon fast travel
Grounded W of Bloodlet Throne