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More detailed information to come as I add resources to this page
For now I have included my cloud resources I am using to make clouds for RLWC 4.0
As well as a Region Map Containing a legend of extensions of weathers.

Ill be making more video tutorials going over how to make
-Weather/Lighting for a region as well as how to make new region weather.
-Rain, Snow, and other weather effects.
-How to make clouds w/o them clipping in the sky.
-Basic effect tutorials as I learn how to make Effect Nifs like custom lightning bolts
-Photoshop Tutorials if I have the time
-And generally anything else that involves Weather and Weather Effects

Current Weather Video Series
a bit dated from what I have learned so far but will be updated soon

Part 1 Climates and General Tab
Part 2 Precepitation and Particles
Part 3 Weather Sounds and Effects

My RealRain Mod

Everything here is free to use as modders resources however I dont mind some credit ;D.