Psychokinesis - Player Controllable Summon Creatures by AmethystDeceiver
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Added: 13/07/2012 - 11:11AM
Updated: 25/10/2012 - 07:35AM

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Last updated at 7:35, 25 Oct 2012 Uploaded at 11:11, 13 Jul 2012

- Skyrim patched to 1.6

- Summon and control creatures
- Controllable: Dragon priest, Werewolf, Dremora, Frost Troll, Giant
- This is not a beast-form transformation (your player character will follow you around while you fight enemies as a creature)
- The advantage of a controllable summon over a beast-form transformation is that once the creature dies, you can resume playing. Also when the spell is expired, no crimes have been charged to the player.

- Head to Faerengar in Dragonsreach to buy the spell tomes for each summon type.
- Adjust camera distance by holding down the POV button (Dragon priest will turn invisible if camera is too close)
- All creatures attack with right/left mouse buttons, but Dragon Priests have auto-spell casting and cannot melee attack.

- This is a "proof of concept" mod, and it is fairly rough around the edges. This mod is mainly just a fun experiment.
- If you run too far away from the player, the world may not load correctly if the distance is more than a cell apart. Allow the player to catch up to the creature before advancing forward.
- All summoned creatures will still attempt to attack the player character from time to time (but player does not take damage while controlling creature).
- Hit detection is buggy, so sometimes a direct melee attack might not register a hit.
- The NPC AI is still active, so creatures may sometimes attack on their own (Dragon Priests will always auto-attack with spells).
- Jumping/Sprinting does not work properly and may "hang" or get stuck in animation for a few seconds.
- Unfortunately the player does not also fight with you while you are controlling a creature.

- Use NMM install, or open zip file and drag contents into Skyrim/Data folder.