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Adds a lore-friendly Chimer race to the game.

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Remember Almalexia from Morrowind? Now you can be her race. This mod adds a playable chimer race to the game.

"The Tribunal betrayed Nerevar, and Azura, in her fury, turned the Chimer's skin dark, and their eyes Red. On this day, all Chimer became the Dunmer, or the "Cursed Ones"'

Basically this race is Dunmer before the Dark Elves became, well Dark, and looked more like their High Elven brethren. Chimer have two abilities, to resist magic similar to the Bretons, and a Greater Power, which is a lightning version of the Dunmer's "Anscestor's Wrath" (If there are more lore friendly abilities for the Chimer please comment and source).

Feel free to comment or endorse if you like this/it works.

V.2: changed eye selection so that red is no longer the only option: chimer can now have a more lored friendly (perhaps) yellow eye choice. Also stat bonuses have been changed due to comment suggestions.

N.B, due to my limited CK knowledge, I had to give all elven races the option of yellow eyes, so this will affect eye choices for Dunmer and Bosmer on the race menu. Just ignore the option for them if you don't like it, in game Dunmer and Bosmer will be fine.