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  1. dpgillam
    • member
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    Mod's been dead since July 2012.
    Still requires SPIKE esm, which neither Immersive armor or weapons have any more. This means lorecraft Immersive (X) or any patch of them, no longer works at all, and will CTD at load.
  2. UlfricVSTullius
    • member
    • 250 posts
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    What about immersive weapons??
  3. Shadowknight59
    • premium
    • 3 posts
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    trying to run lorecraft and skyre together causes ctd at startup. can't even get to the loading screen.
    1. Ragnorok13
      • premium
      • 42 posts
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      Make sure it's after SkyRe in the load order. Also I recommend a BOSS Scan of all your mods and the load order.
  4. nacrox
    • member
    • 27 posts
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    See the last version when it was uploaded, see when Skyre was last updated, use common sense.
  5. Freyir
    • member
    • 26 posts
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    It seems the author stopped to work on this, the problem is he didn't mentioned it explicitely on the description page, which I think, is essential.

    But since the title description is a lie itself (100 % compatible while people down complain about half original skyre weapons not implemented) I don't get so much surprised.

    What surprise me however is that moderators doesn't seem to care about quality of mods ...

    Edit: this mod was interesting, too bad for us.
  6. Neekk0
    • member
    • 26 posts
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    please look at the date of the files - they definetly don't seem uptodate!
    correct me pls if i'm wrong but those will most likely not work with any new version of skyre - to all people reporting crashes in 2013
  7. Randomfart
    • member
    • 36 posts
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    Having the same problems as SilverNirvash
  8. SilverNirvash
    • premium
    • 1,322 posts
    • 11 kudos
    im having an issue with crashing? having both skyre and lorecraft active seems to be causing a massive issue here.....even with the patch.....heres the thing. Skyre says for ITS patches you have to either deactivate/delete the esp's the mods that the patches are made for for them to work. like Jswords for instance it says to deactivate and delete its ESM file because its not needed. but Lorecraft says that its ESM file IS required for IT to work. yet i fail to see a patch that makes skyre and lorecraft work together with either the other patches esp's or esms active or deactive.....they both tell you to do something different with the original mods esp's and esm they clash massively even with the patch.....
  9. godoman
    • premium
    • 160 posts
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    When running TES5Edit the game gets an error as such:

    [00:26] Background Loader: [Lorecraft - Immersive Armors - SkyRe.esp] Adding master "SkyRe_Plugin_ImmersiveArmor_4.esp"
    [00:26] Background Loader: [SkyRe_Plugin_ImmersiveArmor_4.esp] Loading file
    [00:26] Background Loader: Fatal: <EOSError: System Error. Code: 2.
    The system cannot find the file specified>

    I believe Immersive Armor has been updated to v6 as well as the compatibility for SkyRe.
    The file that its associated with has been renamed "SkyRe_hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp"
  10. Saliand
    • BANNED
    • 23 posts
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    Yes it works fine ... untill you come across things not made ^^.

    I don't have the time nor the qualification to do this so, i will just send this to the bin sadly.