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SkyRe now 100% compatible with lorecraft! You\'ll also want to disable lorecraft - vanilla.esp

Permissions and credits
All Weapons and Armor done
62 books so far. Iron to Orcish/Nordic Designs are Common, everything above that is set to "rare" quality

LoreCraft - SkyRe.esp is ofcourse loaded after the SkyRe_Main.esp
You'll want to uncheck LoreCraft - Vanilla.esp too

Added Lorecraft - SkyRe - Immersive Armors
you'll need to get the compatibility patch from the immersive armors page, and follow it's instructions, you'll likely need to re-add your books too i believe

Know Issues - Highlighting Glass Scimitar in the crafting list can result in a crash, i'll try to figure out why for 1.1

T3nd0 for Skyre and answering my onslaught of questions
ArcaneSmith for Lorecraft
tortugapir8 for the Immersive armor SkyRe compatibilty patch