About this mod

Adds lots of NPC's and sounds to Skyrim's inns and taverns.

Permissions and credits
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If you feel there are too many NPCs, try this patch made by moom1881.

I want to thank you all for the encouragement I have received, and thank you all for the interest in my little project to add NPCs to inns that became way more popular than I ever expected. It still amazes me to this day how popular it became when, in reality, it was quite a simplistic mod! :D

If someone more talented than I am wishes to take over LIAT, send me a PM. I've had my lot of it...

[21/7/2012 - v1.31]
+ Fixed dark faces.

[20/7/2012 - v1.3]
+ Complete re-make of the entire NPC plugin.
+ Busy evenings, quiet days.
+ More diversity with NPC's, including females.
+ Consequences for attacking NPC's.
+ Changes to NPC idles/animations.
+ Fix for "nude" NPC's.
+ Changes to sounds, especially volume.
+ Include the inns that I missed/forgot to do...
+ Some inns less busy, with appropriate sound differences.
+ Reverted changes to Whiterun's Bannered Mare navmesh to vanilla.

[08/7/2012 - v1.2]
+ Completed sounds plugin.
+ Enabled "merry" animations which the NPC's play out instead of standing still like utter lemons. The downside to this is that it then caused an issue with the NPC's sitting down, so I had to prevent them from doing that.
+ Made some last-minute emergency edits to the navmesh in Whiterun's Bannered Mare to fix some serious observed issues. This unfortunately means that LIAT is unlikely to be compatible with any other mods that change the interior of The Bannered Mare from now on. Sorry 'bout that lad...

[06/7/2012 -v1.1a]
+ Alpha test of environmental sound effects plugin.

[03/7/2012 - v1.0]
+ Initial release.
+ Added NPC's to inns and taverns.
+ Later added several options for number of NPC's.

Skyrim's inns and taverns are dull and quiet places, rather devoid of life. This mod attempts to liven the drinking holes up a bit by populating them with merry NPC's and environmental sound effects to match!

A brain and the abillity to use it when intalling mods.

The abillity to detect the occasional intended humour whilst reading this :)

Sometimes the sounds don't fire at all or take a few seconds to fire. Either be patient and wait for them to load, or simply re-enter the area you expect to hear said sounds. Nothing I can do to fix this, sorry! Blame Skyrim!

Load times may be increased slightly. Or, in extremely rare circumstances, Skyrim may crash during loading. EXTREMELY RARE CIRCUMSTANCES.

A dragon attacked the town of Helgen as soon as I started playing for some reason. Doesn't seem to be too big of an issue though - Helgen was a right dump anyway. This is an issue with Skyrim itself, I think.

Apparently there are some issues with SoS - Civilization. To avoid this, either disable the tavern sounds for SoS - Civilization, or disable the LIAT - Sounds plugin. I have still not had chance to test this yet, due to commitments. I will get round to this ASAP though and post my findings.

Let me know in the comments section if you encounter anything else!

This mod DID NOT nuke your saves, it DID NOT blow up your computer, it DID NOT run over your cat, and it certainly DID NOT do unpleasant things to your sister/mother/daughter.

Don't try to say it did. It was me that did it.

In all seriousness, don't have a go at me if your saves are somehow affected and you didn't bother to back them up before installing...

You can use this in one of your own mods (unless I change my mind in the future - unlikely, but who knows?) as long as you follow these rules:

1) Credit me. Remind the world of what a genius I am.

2) Do not upload it anywhere other than here. Most file-hosting sites earn profit from hosting files, and I am very much against any form of monetisation of mods. This part is completely serious :)

3) Tell me about it and give me a link so I can see how much you ruined my idea.

A big thanks to Bethesda Softworks for making this fantastic game!

Thanks to FreqMan from - an open source, Creative Commons audio database that grants permission for use. The original files are here, for those interested:

- Millview - A lovingly Crafted Player Home
- Bard's Lute
- Erys
- Custom Music In Your House
- Passtime (alpha test)
- LTC - Lively Towns and Cities (cancelled, sorry, due to limitations with Papyrus and the engine...)