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My vision of Proudspire, the player purchasable home in Solitude, integrating General Stores and much more into vanilla homes! Requires General Stores.

Permissions and credits

Niires Proudspire

Majestic Proudspire Manor really feels majestic now!

WARNING!!! Updating from version 1.1 to version 1.2, please be sure you have deleted the bsa and bsl files from your Skyrim/Data folder. Also, be sure you have both the esp AND esm activated!

Hello! :)
This is my second installation in the vanilla home series I have started doing. Proudspire always seemed so lifeless and empty to me, which is a shame for the top vanilla house in the game. I tried my best to rectify that! As with any of the homes included in game, you will have to complete a set of quests in order to be able to purchase it. You can get more information on how to do that from the wiki .

As with my other home mods, General Stores is used quite liberally throughout, and as such is required to run this mod.

Thank you all in advance for taking the time out to check this out! If you like the work, please visit the other mods in the credits section and endorse them...this would not have been possible without their hard work!


There are a few things you should be aware of before you decide this is the Proudspire mod for you.
  • My dragonborns tend to be very clutzy, to the point they knock things over quite often. To prevent this from happening in their homes, I have made all items that were movable/takable into static items. This means that potions, ingredients etc are not included in this remodel.

  • General Stores offers safe storage for books. I decided to remove bookshelves from Proudspire for that reason.

I apologize now if this isn't to your liking, but I decided to make this for myself to start with, and through encouragement from my friends, decided to release it. Also, I did not add any additional mannequins etc, as in general they tend to be a bit creepy (at least for me they are), and from a technical viewpoint, they can become a nightmare.

That said...
  • I added an additional room in the basement. It's a cramped room I made specifically for an enchanting area, but I did not add any navmesh to it for the time being...I opted to do this because it is a pretty small room with plenty of neat things added, and it tends to get crowded in there with followers!

  • I added in a special bonus at each of the crafting stations. You will see a potion bottle for each corresponding craft at each on this "Mysterious Potion" for a nice treat!

  • I decorated and otherwise added everything into this mod in an attempt to make it lore friendly, beautiful and functional. Hopefully those qualities come through for you!

My Mods


  • The latest version requires the latest patch for Skyrim (1.6.89 right now).
  • I made high use of General Stores in this mod, for universal storage (I plan on adding this to other homes as well). You will definitely need this mod for this to work, as it requires the .esm file as a master!

Helpful Tidbits!!

  • In order for this mod to run properly (aka not crash when trying to launch Skyrim)...General Stores.esm MUST load before any of my home mods' esm files!!! If you're looking at load order, as an example, it would look something like this...
  • Skyrim.esm
    General Stores.esm
    Niires Hjerim.esm
    To avoid the headache of having to sort through all of that load order mumbo jumbo, I highly recommend BOSS has an extensive list of mods and load order, and will automatically sort your mods for you!
  • Unofficial Skyrim Patch ...This mod is amazing, but I put this here because vanilla Skyrim has a bug where sometimes you will not see furniture upgrades, particularly with housecarl's rooms...this will take care of that, and so much more.

Known Conflicts

This will conflict with any mods that drastically alter is, however, compatible with my Portstone mod that you can get with Bert's Breezehome Remodel. As long as the mod doesn't mess too much with the interior of Proudspire, it "should" be all right. In addition to this, I use the mod with Qs Mannequins and More ...this mod adds in a new type of weapon rack, and while my mod doesn't require his to work, I made it being mindful of Q's new weapon stands added with it.


Please be sure to create a clean save outside of this home before you install and use this mod! Also, be sure to remove all your valuables, just to be on the safe side!

You may encounter some weirdness from your home if you have already purchased and/or entered it before installing and activating my mod (floating furniture, objects you can pick up lying about, etc). This is caused by the information stored in your save game affecting the new remodel. The best thing to do to avoid this happening to you is to load a saved game from just before entering the home, or just before or after purchasing the home. If this is not an option for you, you can try the following console commands...though I cannot guarantee these will work, they're worth a shot.
  • Open the console...this is usually done by hitting the ~ key (tilde).
  • Left click the offending item, and this will bring up an item number in the top center of the console commands screen.
  • Type "disable" (minus the quotes) and hit enter. This command will either take the item away immediately, or it will require you to zone over and back into Proudspire to take effect.
  • You can also open the console...then type in "resetinterior SolitudeProudspire" (minus quotes) and hit enter. This command should reset everything within that cell.


  • Go to the General Stores mod page and install it following the instructions listed on that page.
  • Extract the .rar file to a temporary location (desktop always works well for me).
  • Cut and paste the 'Data" folder into the following location (or wherever your main Skyrim files are housed!!!): Computer//C://Program Flies (x86)//Steam//SteamApps//common//skyrim
  • Click yes to overwrite the folder.
  • Activate the .esp file using your favorite utility (Wrye Bash, etc), or open Skyrim, go to Data Files, and make sure that "Niires Proudspire.esp" is checked.
  • Profit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or, you can use NMM and it takes care of everything for you! ^^


  • Delete the files "Niires Proudspire" (the esp, bsa, and bsl file) from your skyrim/Data folder.

Or, you can use NMM and it will do that too!


  • Bethesda for this awesome game that is Skyrim!
  • berticus0001 for his constant support, and for showing me the ropes when I first got started in the CK...(And after as well, he gave me the idea of adding in the bonus potions in the crafting areas!) And just for being totally awesome! <3 Check out some how-to's he put together for the CK here and here !
  • Harvey2112 for his amazing resource pack General Stores - storage resource for packrats (people like me!) Also much thanks for helping me with "cleaning" issues, and being very supportive!
  • exray catt for textures taken from Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons HD ...this mod is one very much worth downloading for your mod collection as well! :)
  • Littlebaron, for his various meshes and textures included in his Little Barons Interior Decorating aka LB-ID mod, excellent work overall, you should definitely check it out yourself!
  • Darkrider for the amazing painting mod Celtic Decor for Skyrim I , looking so forward to seeing more of this type of work for Skyrim!
  • Blary, for his amazing meshes and textures that he so freely allows folks to implement in their own mods! Check out his stuff here ,and his Pinewoods Cottage mod is an amazing player made home as well!!
  • Modders Resource Pack by homes would not look nearly as excellent as I think they do if not for these meshes and textures!
  • Rug Resource ...I recently discovered this little gem!
  • To all of my friends who have been encouraging me to get this up and running, thank you all so much for your support! <3


For my work alone, feel free to use this as you see fit, all I ask is credit if it is released.
There is alot of mesh and texture work from different authors included here...things from Blary, Oaristys, Darkrider, and yourenotsupposedtobeinhere are free to use with credit given...however...
For the General Stores mod by Harvey2112, be sure to visit his mod page and see what instructions he has for using his material.
I asked permission via PM for exray catt's and Littlebaron's will need to do the same!
For my mods specifically, I do not mind translations being done, etc, so long as there is a link to the original. In fact, if you do one, pm me and leave the addy for the translated mod, I'll be sure to link it on the main page!

Mods I Am Using In The Screenshots

Recommended Mods

I am addicted to mods! A mod junkie! To achieve various looks from my screenshots...I highly recommend the following...and many of these are simple texture replacers that you can see in my screenshots. Others are just in general very awesome to have!

I could recommend my entire mod list, but we would be here for a few days, so that's that!