Sprint and Jump with Boost by Deathless Aphrodite
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Added: 30/06/2012 - 10:40AM
Updated: 11/12/2013 - 05:17PM

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Last updated at 17:17, 11 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 10:40, 30 Jun 2012

This mod is outdated and I can't update it anymore because I have too much work (luckily). So I advise you to download this new, updated, better version of the mod instead:
My thanks to vinniewryan for picking up the mod and making it better.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please update to Skse 1.5.11 before updating the mod to 2.1. Some functions I've used were still experimental in Skse 1.5.10 and they have been changed in 1.5.11, this forced me to update the mod.

VERSION 2.1 makes the jump higher and longer if you jump while sprinting!

DON'T MAKE A CLEAN SAVE, just delete all the files from the previous version, scripts included, and install the new version. Or use a mod manager.

ADVICE: don't activate the mod at the start of a new game, wait for the tutorial quest to end and then activate it.

If your Sprint key is mapped to a mouse button, the script won't work.

Version 1.0 was showcased in Skyrim mod showcase #9 (from second 35):

I have always found it incredibly annoying how the sprint feature in Skyrim doesn't allow you to jump while sprinting. It just makes no sense.

Well now you can jump while sprinting, and finally, thanks to the great work of the SKSE developers, the jumo height and length are increased while sprinting!

There will be a small delay between your jump key press and the actual jump, this is due not only to script lag (a particular SKSE event type is on the way which should make things better), but also to the way the game blocks your jump unless you've completely finished sprinting (it's hard coded).

My advice is to get your timing right, press the key a little bit early and keep it pressed for a fraction more than usual while you're sprinting, so you can be sure the script will receive your input.

The first time you start the game after installing the mod, an initialization procedure will begin where you'll have to follow instructions on screen. Basically, you'll need to keep the required key pressed, click Ok while keeping it pressed and wait for confirmation before releasing it. This is done to tell the script which keys you are using for jumping, moving forward and sprinting. I plan to make this procedure much smoother if Skyrim Script Extender will get updated with functions similar to OBSE's getcontrol() functions.

If you download this, please let me know if it works fine and smooth for you, it does on my pc but my specs are way above average. If it doesn't work for you come back here, (politely) tell me what's wrong and I'll try to sort it out.

Skyrim 1.7.7 or newer and SKSE 1.5.11 or newer.

Use NMM or just install manually the usual way.

Again, use NMM or manually delete the files, including the scripts.

This mod is compatible with anything else, load order doesn't matter.

Thanks to all the guys who have helped me transition from Oblivion scripting to Skyrim scripting, ThomasKaira from TESAlliance and Chesko in particular.


1.0: Initial version (listed as 0.5 as long as the mod was in beta phase)
1.1 (unreleased): Optimized the script, thanks to a suggestion by Chesko
2.0: Jump boost when sprinting!
2.1: Modified a script to adapt to some changes in SKSE functions