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About this mod

Adds a snowy visual effect to the player and NPCs when snow is falling.
Effects all live and deceased NPCs and wildlife with-in a set radius.

Permissions and credits
While I wholeheartedly endorse valve I do not endorse the upload of my mods to SteamWorkshop, please respect this decision.
Special thanks to Chesko for his support and allowing me to tweak FrostFall's shader
If you like this mod, you might also like Wet & Cold by isoku.

Adds a snowy visual effect to the player and NPCs when snow is falling.
Effects all live and deceased NPCs and wildlife with-in a set radius.
Version 4+ entire character gets snowy.
Version 5.5+ no snow on skin (not as consistent as ver4).

Keeping it simple philosophy:
Get Snowy doesn't do everything, and it never will because it doesn't use scripts at all.
Meaning No Save-Bloat, No Crash to desktop, No need for SKSE, and a simple safe uninstall.

Recommended - Brawl Bugs Patch
It's not required to run Get Snowy but it stops brawls from bugging into real fights.

PCgamer Review: v2 The 25 best Skyrim mods
Youtube Review: v2 Skyrim Mod Showcase: Week #10
Youtube Review: v1 Skyrim Mod Showcase: #9
Youtube Review: v1 Skyrim Modding - Bits 'n' Bobs - #15

Known bugs:
- Some items (from other mods) do not receive the effect. (See FAQ-2 below)
- Snow Effect appears while in ash-rain from DragonBorn-DLC. [install Raygereio's patch]
- Invisibility can combine with the snow to make some weird effects. [Can't fix]
- Upgrading from ver 4 to 5. The no-skin-snow feature doesn't work until the 2nd time it snows.

- Install the Brawl Bugs Patch to avoid issues with brawls.
- FYI: How to temporarily remove the effect if you need to.

RECOMMEND WITH Brawl Bugs Patch or Brawl Bug plugin
- Wet & Cold: fully compatible. [Compatibility supplied by Isoku]
- Wet & Cold - Ashes: Compatibility patch by UnmeiX [supplied on this download page]
- FrostFall: Fully compatible. [Compatibility supplied by Chesko]
- Footprints: this should be below/after Footprints in load-order. I don't actually know why. [via lendellprime]
- ApachiiSkyHair: Snow does not appear on the hair [See FAQ-2 below]
- This will work with all weather mods, provided that the precipitation classification is set to "snow"
- DragonBorn DLC: Bugged in ash rain -- Bethesda set their Ash to Snow *derp. (see FAQ-4 below) install Raygereio's patch
  • Should be compatible with pretty much anything else.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: "The no skin-snow feature doesn't work sometimes (mostly NPCs)?"
--- Yes, unfortunately this is due to engine limitations. If it's immersion breaking I would suggest using ver4+ which is much more consistent.
Full explanation: To remove the snow i have to apply a 'skin only' shader after the Snow-shader has been applied, sometimes due to CPU cycles the skin shader sneeks in before the snow shader. I'm doing conditional checks but the spell system is rather limited.

Q2: "The effect doesn't appear, or looks strange, on [x] item from [x] mod."
---- This is a defect with the model, not the behaviour of the membrane shader applied by this mod.
Please contact the mod/model author and supply them with screen shots. There is literally nothing I can do to my mod to resolve this issue. (I think you'll find it's the same with the vanilla frost-magic effects too.)

Q3: "Can you change the effect to be more/less snowy?"
---- I can't appease everyone. But you can customise it yourself, see the article I've add called Editing the shader

Q4: "The snow effect appears in the Ash rain from DragonBorn. Why wont you fix it?"
---- install Raygereio's patch
---- (1) I'm not that interested in DragonBorn. (2) I'd have to re-release new versions of my mod with DragonBorn as a master, which will only make future updates and version-control a pain im not willing to suffer. (3) It's only an issue because Bethesda lazily set-up their ash-rain as snow, rather than making a new precipitation-classification.

Update history:
Update for ENB: A fork of version of 4.2 made by papachasama should help with snow at night

A new compatibility patch written by UnmeiX for Wet'n'Cold-Ashes is now available in the downloads.
- Please show him your appreciation if it helps you

V5.5: No skin-snow NPCs
- Introduction of a new feature to remove snow from skin on NPCs.
- NOTE: due to the nature of the engine and my goal to not use scripts this feature is not as consistent as I would hope.
- Fixed snow effect appearing in East Empire Trading Company by adding a GetInWorldspace check.

V4.2: EastEmpireWarehouse patch
- Fixed snow effect appearing in East Empire Trading Company by adding a GetInWorldspace check.

V5: No skin-snow for player
- Introduction of a new feature to remove snow from skin.
- NOTE: I'm working on implementing the same feature for other actors.

V4.1: Ugly snow patch
- Amended a bug introduced in v4.0 (changed texture scale from 1:1 to 3:3)

V4: Brawl Bug Plugin + Labyrinthian patch
- fixed the Brawl Bug issue by supporting the Brawl Bug plugin mod
- fixed snow effect appearing in parts of Labyrinthian by adding a GetInWorldspace check.
- slowed down fade-in and out times.
- renamed the .esp (last file rename i will do) so that people don't have to issues installing future versions.

V3.2: Eldergleam patch
- fixed snow effect appearing in Eldergleam Sanctuary, by adding a GetInWorldspace check for Eldergleamsanctuarywold.

V3.1: Blackreach patch
- changed Blackreach precipitation classification from "snow" to "none" (No visual change to Blackreach)
- provided console debug instructions

V3: Player & NPCs: bug fix
- avoids skyrim's 'brawl bug' (except brawls in the snow)
- fixed 'glow' around NPCs
- performance tweaks

V2: Player & NPCs: no scripts
- removed scripts to aid performance/save-game issues
- introduced player-only optional download (no brawl bug)

V1: Player only: uses scripts
- release; met with fanfare and fireworks!

I recommend saving inside, out of the snow, first.

Copy the contents of the archive to your Skyrim Data Directory:
(C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data)

Bug reporting:
If you think you've found a bug:
- Thanks for taking the time to help make this mod better
- what version of get snowy are you using?
- please post a screen shot.
- What is the location?
- in console type "isSnowing" does it return 1 or 0?
- in console type "player.isInInterior" what does it say?