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Lore-friendly attempt to add shrines to all cities and settlements that previously lacked them. This brings blessings and the removal of diseases to all corners of Skyrim, since it isn't just the people in the big cities who happen to be pious.

Permissions and credits
City Shrines v1.1


General Information

Shrines are an important part of gameplay, and the world of Skyrim as a whole. Because I use eat/drink/sleep mods and try to avoid fast travel, finding out that I have a disease while I'm in a town that lacks a shrine can be a huge pain. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue. I would bite the bullet and say "well, I guess I should have brought cure disease potions", but the fact of the matter is, the people of Tamriel are quite pious, in fact, that's what the civil war is all about.

I have added shrines to each city and township that lacked one. As for which, I tried to do what made sense for the area.

Here is a list of all the new locations:

Winterhold: Shrine to Talos on the mantle of a fireplace inside one of the destroyed houses.
*ETAC version: Sitting upon the memorial to the sunken city instead.

Dawnstar: Shrine to Talos up on a hill to the west, just outside town.
*ETAC version: Same spot, but is outside the city walls. Exit the city and hang a right.

Morthal: Shrine to Talos just to the east of Falion's house, on a small cairn, behind a large rock.
*ETAC version: Same spot, but it now possibly harder to find due to the extra buildings.
It is still behind Falion's. To find it easily, go left from the door into Morthal Dry Goods
and then slightly right to go behind the large rock.

Dragon Bridge: Shrine to Kynareth on the edge of the cliff across the stream from the lumber mill.

High Hrothgar: Shrines to Akatosh and Kynareth inside the main hall.

Ivarstead: Shrine to Arkay sitting upon an altar inside exterior area of Shroud Hearth Barrow. It is directly across from the door leading into the actual dungeon.

Karthwasten: Shrine to Zenithar across the dirt path from the Miner's Barracks.

Riverwood: Shrine to Zenithar at the end of the wooden walkway overlooking the bridge to the lumber mill.
*ETAC version: ETAC moved the walkway, resulting in a floating shrine. I just moved the shrine
to the walkway's new location.

Shor's Stone: Shrine to Akatosh on a rock near Odfel and Grogmar's house, overlooking the road into town.

Darkwater Crossing: Shrine to Talos, across from Verner's house near the water amongst some plants and trees.

Rorikstead was not included as it already has a (well hidden) Shrine to Akatosh, north of ther Frostfruit Inn, on a hill next to some ruined blocks.



Unlikely, but let me know if something wierd happens.


Version History

1.0: I done made it.

1.1: Various visual improvements outlined below:

*Dragon Bridge: Completely remade Shrine to Kynareth. It was ugly. It was made before I realized I was going to be releasing it to the public.

*Added light sources to several candles that were missing them (oops).

*Added "flavor items" to nearly all shrines, to give the impression of human activity.
+This is usually books, offerings, and tools.
-The one in Winterhold was left alone, as it is supposed to appear abandoned.
-Left High Hrothgar untouched, as the Greybeards seem to value a more spartan environment for worship and meditation.
-Left Ivarstead alone, as it's likely been abandoned for some time.

1.1 ETAC: New version compatible with ETAC, since ETAC moves some assets around.


Bugs and Feedback

There shouldn't be any issues. I made sure that each one functioned and did not interfere with any other existing vanilla objects. I may have moved a plant here and there and added a few rocks, but that shouldn't be a big deal.



Please do not redistribute this file in any way, shape, or form. Please do not alter and re-release this file in any way, shape or form. If you feel a change should be made to this mod, please suggest it to me. Thank you.



Copy CityShrines.esp file into your Skyrim\Data folder. Make sure to activate the mod by going to "Data Files" in your launcher and checking the box next to "CityShrines.esp". If you use a mod manager, you likely know what to do already. Have fun :)