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Added: 27/06/2012 - 05:14AM
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This is a modders' resource that I put together for my own use and thought I'd share. It contains almost every* vanilla book in the game, one of each, on six shelves, in proper alphabetical order (as they would be arranged in a real library.) It includes cheap, common, valuable, rare and skill books. The "Library .docx" included in this file is the alphabetized reference list I created in order to place the books in the correct order on the shelves. The red titles are skill books and the blue are functional books.

The library is in an interior cell titled "aaaLibraryOfSkyrim." Just load this mod along with whatever mod you want to add a library to (with your mod as the active file) and copy/paste the bookshelves into the desired cell.

*A few quest-specific books, like "Boethia's Proving," the "Oghma Infinium" and "The Dreamstride," are not included.

Please credit me if you use this in a mod. It may not look like much, but it took me 12 hours of tedious work to build it.