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A mod that improves the looks of nearly every female NPC in the game.

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Less Fugly Female NPCs

A mod that improves the looks of nearly every female NPC in the game.

The art direction taken by the developers of Skyrim includes features that make the world seem cold, harsh and unforgiving. This includes the NPCs being designed to look dirty, weathered, starving, and/or scarred. In short: fugly. This mod offers an alternative to that style for the female NPCs of the game.

What this mod does
-changes the looks of 695 ingame NPCs, both friendly and hostile
-removes dirt, scars, aged complextions, bloodshot eyes, and facial discoloration
-changes obstructive warpaints to more subtle ones
-changes fugly features and hairstyles to better ones
-softens the exaggerated features found on many elven NPCs
-makes faces more in line with the golden ratio as needed

what this mod does not do
-affect NPCs of the Orc, Argonian, Khajiit, elder, or child races
-affect NPCs encountered only as corpses or ghosts
-glam out every NPC; the original style of the characters was kept intact when possible
-make major changes to characters that didn't need them, i.e. some characters are unchanged and several characters only have dirt removed

-Incompatible with other mods that make changes to female NPCs. If you want to use other mods for specific NPCs, install and load thier mod after mine, overwriting my files.
-Works with face texture replacers, and I recommend using one.

Screenshots were taken using Coverwomen: If you use a different texture mod, your NPCs may look slightly different than my screenshots.

A few screenshots were taken using Xenius and added to images. Since not everyone wants to use a more aggressive texture mod like Coverwomen, this should give you an idea of what my mod will look like with more of a vanilla look. Note that with Xenius some more subtle warpaints, such as Aela's, will become very faint, maybe even imperceptible.

Installation: download and activate using the manager; or, download manually, extract to your skyrim folder and activate Less_Fugly_Female_NPCs.esp

Special Thanks:

foretrenty - Skyrim NPC Editor:
figment - tesvsnip:

for providing the tools used to make this mod


v1.1 - Fixed bugs affecting Delphine and Fianna which caused their face textures to not load properly.