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  1. Chesko
    • supporter
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    I think this marks the 6th or 7th time I've had to have this discussion, so, here we go again. I'm making this a sticky so hopefully I never have to do this again.

    There are 7,000 steps. What you are misunderstanding is Bethesda's definition of a "step". What you are calling a "step" is every "stair" on the path (each time you have to pick your foot up in order to go higher). You're right, there's only around 700.

    Bethesda's definition of a step is every stone along the path. If you take every step asset on the mountain (which, conveniently, the name of each static object has the number of steps in the name), you should be able to sum it up and arrive at 7,000. This is the 418th such "step", depending on which way you are counting (left to right, or right to left).
  2. Zele
    • premium
    • 332 posts
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    This is one of the little mods which sadly never made it to sse :-(
    1. chillmaxed
      • member
      • 230 posts
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      It's a texture mod. You can use it with no problem in SSE
    2. AstroGazer
      • premium
      • 653 posts
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      Mod also has Meshes.
    3. beebophuckleberry
      • member
      • 1,129 posts
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      +1 for SSE version
  3. Enkelikuoleman
    • member
    • 187 posts
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    Very Cute
  4. DalionHeart
    • member
    • 53 posts
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    This might be nitpicking, but at the time of Ysmir, I don't think they were speaking English. Shouldn't the text be in ancient Nordic?
    1. fang3412
      • member
      • 165 posts
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      whao ur rite
    2. superfreak99
      • member
      • 23 posts
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      lol jerk, you just had to ruin it
    3. 100Kaioken
      • member
      • 10 posts
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      F*k sake, was just about to download it and then I read this -.-"
    4. SlickStretch
      • member
      • 27 posts
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      I'm just going to forget that you said that.
    5. bowman2062
      • member
      • 134 posts
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      It's a magic stone ... autotranslate included ;)
    6. phoenixfireeye
      • member
      • 84 posts
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      No one speaks "English" in Skyrim anyway. That's not a language that exists anywhere in Tamriel. We see and hear it as English because the game is in English.
  5. bluehazegts
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    What are the chances of getting an SE port of this mod. I love having it but have switched recently to SE
  6. evgYalalat
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    Respect to Chesko. Let me introduce my russian interpretation of the step inscription. The order of first letters in every strings means "Chesko" in russian.

    Чти память Вульхарта, известного Исмиром!
    Его с благославенья Шора волей создана
    Ступень, которую ногой ты попираешь,
    Когда была она уж в прах превращена
    Отродьем грозным Акавира.

    May be it'll be usefull for someone...

  7. Juggled
    • member
    • 503 posts
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  8. Mathalor
    • member
    • 387 posts
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    If you get time, or care, would you consider making a version without snow with eroded and chipped, or aged writing?

    Thanks for your mods.
  9. MrSmokey247
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    I know this is quite an old mod and probably won't be updated, and I'm definitely nitpicking here, but the snow would set on the step so the text would be illegible under a layer of snow.

    I think a cool feature would be to have a snow covered step, and when activated the snow is wiped away, revealing the inscription underneath.
    1. kane480
      • member
      • 161 posts
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      This is an awesome idea, but someone would have to make a custom animation for it. Unfortunately it's probably not gonna happen for something so small.
    2. 7S7e7v7e7n7
      • member
      • 6 posts
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      The only problem would be finding the step if all the other ones are also covered in snow.
    3. silversai
      • supporter
      • 20 posts
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      perhaps some kind of marker along the trail?
  10. Marinedown59
    • supporter
    • 8 posts
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    Downloaded this mod, even though I'll probably never see it : )
  11. KainThePheonix
    • premium
    • 1,809 posts
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    I've made the pilgrimage to the 418th step and above (before running back in terror at a pissed off frost troll walking down the road) and it was good.