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Date: June 26, 2012
Author: Casey Mongillo

This mod, dubbed Skyrim: Player Re-Voiced - Elven Races Complete, was created and voiced by Elder Scrolls fan and professional voice actor Casey Mongillo. It allows the player to experience Skyrim with a voice that is more suitable for their younger, or less masculine male elves. Every single sound the player makes throughout Skyrim has been re-voiced, from breathing sounds while sprinting, to battle cries, all the way to each and every dragon shout. Additionally, there is a new voice effect for when players become werewolves*.

*NOTE: The werewolf transformation voice effect is an optional download at The transformation effect is optional since it will play when other characters transform. This extra sound is recommended for use after completing werewolf related quests, as it will only be used by the player thereafter.

Dawnguard Ready!


Want to send me a question or comment? E-mail me! [email protected]

Special Thanks to:

"Christopher Mongillo" for all the Nuendo 4 advice!

"Princess Bridget" for all of the help with .fuz files and other various things.

"Dana Nova Darko" for the amazingly well done cover image!

"Son" for all the support, and doing an amazing Joe Swanson impression!

"DexDestroyer" for all the support, and being Swedish!

"Bethesda Game Studios Forums", because everyone there is AWESOME!

"Skyrim Nexus Forums", because everyone there is equally awesome!

"Bethesda Softworks" for all their effort in making this such a phenomenal game. Not to mention allowing us to modify it! Right on, guys. You're doing it right!

Special No Thanks to: Whales, the vermin of the ocean.


Thanks for downloading!

Now go play Skyrim!