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Opethfeldt 7 beta

CROSSFIREX users, check this link:, Basically you have to use GW2*.exe profile to make this ENB work correctly.
(Thanks to CaptainStuhben for he info).

(See the video Tutorial below)

0. DELETE any leftover from other ENB presets, like the EFFECT.TXT AND the ENBseries folder, both located inside the skyrim folder. I recommend to disable any other Grapical mod: CoT, RLFX, etc. This config is meant to be used with Vanilla game and my weather ESP included only, I won't support any other weather mod, but if you insist, just make sure to keep opeth_weather.esp at the end of the load order.

1. Copy all the files to your Skyrim directory (where TESV.exe is located), click yes if asked to overwrite.

2. Get the d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from ENB v0.236 HERE (only the d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from "WrapperVersion" folder are needed)

3. Download ENB Helper, which is indispensable for this config and it's weather feature: ENB helper. Put enbhelper.dll inside the "Enbseries" folder

4. Install Mindflux's Skyrim Particle Patch

5. Run the game launcher (SkyrimLauncher.exe), enable the Opeth_Weather.esp and Opeth_torch if you prefer a brighter torch fire.

6. Edit the next lines inside "SkyrimPrefs.ini" located in "C:Users********DocumentsMy GamesSkyrim" to look like this:

iMultiSample=0 < ----AA needs to be disabled or some effects won't be available.

7. Make sure to disable Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering in your graphics card's Control Panel too.

8. play?

9. To enable the ingame GUI, press Shift+PageDown, to modify the current weather activate "show weather window"

Video Tutorial (by RussellCrowe4021)

French version:

Notes and Troubleshooting
- Optimization guide made by raf1981
- ENBoost features are already included in ENBseries.
- Disable Temporal AA if you have a ghosting effect while moving


- [b]Boris Vorontsov
, autor of ENBseries ENBSeries - Official website
- AndyW1384 autor of old ENB Reference
- gargorias for "Revamped Exterior Fog"
- Kyokushinoyama for his Extensive Sunsprite Shader for ENB
- Kalicola, for his sun texture
- Mindflux (particles patch)
- Matso, for the enbeffectprepass.fx file (DOF), Project MATSO
- Alexander Blade - ENB Helper