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Read the short story I wrote while developing my mod, "A Friend of Time!"

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During my time making the recently released mod "A Friend of Time" I wrote this short story to flesh out the plot and dialogue. I hope you enjoy!

WARNING: Contains major plot spoilers!

Well crafted and revised six page story
Pictures! :D

Unzip the pdf and read it, easy as that! :D

I wrote this over a period of three weeks during spring quarter, when I didn't have time to work on the mod it's self. I revised multiple times and toiled to make it a quality piece, so please- no hating. :D
For more history and info on any of my mods, click my profile (and then the files tab) or check out my mod blog's news and progress thread.

I am currently not posting any mods on Steam Workshop. If you see one of my mods on Steam Workshop, please report the file to me.

This is my work and I reserve all my rights, don't claim it as your own. (Obviously)

Thanks! :D

If you liked the short story, try the mod it was made for! Download "A Friend of Time" and experience these benefits:

Three part main quest (scripted and unique)
Fully voiced and lip synched
Fully functional Gray Fox cowl that keeps track of your bounties for each hold. (Earned through a unique quest)
Repeatable radiant quest
Challenging gameplay for characters level 50+
Unique spells and items for those who can earn them
Unique boss fight
New models and textures
Earnable perk to craft unique light Daedric armor
Large earnable house with all the amenities