About this mod

This mod aims to recreate the world of Azeroth from Warcraft. It features new lands, locations, dungeons, new items and quests based on warcraft's lore.

Permissions and credits

HELP NEEDED: World Design, Lore, Textures, Mesh Modeling, Sound, Questing.
We are in desperate need of more members to continue releasing new content in a decent pace. Currently we are a team of 2 who take on every task of world design to quests. If you feel like you want to help out on the mod, but don't want to work with the Creation Kit, we can always use people who want to help on creating books, quests and storylines. I (Hellscreamy) will also gladly help you out on adding new content to the mod such as creating new zones, please send me a message.

Please use this page as a way to find out more information about what help we desperately need:
Skyrim - World of Warcraft WIP Page

I will sometimes post updates on this page from this mod (or others). Go here to see what I've been working on lately:
Work in Progress Page. <- Go here to see screen shots of things are are working on currently as a sneak peak.
^Last update posted 17/11/2014, 3:17 AM, Eastern Time zone.
Conceptual Alpha released as of 06/09/2014:
*now supports download by NMM
Please play this mod with a clean game, we cannot fix broken savegames


The extremely long awaited conceptual alpha of WOW Mod has now been released. Hellscreamy and I (CelsiuZ) have worked for over a year trying to put together this alpha. We have struggled with numerous bugs, different time zones, lack of skills in certain areas of development, lack of time and above all else university life. Today we both decided that we have enough content to provide a conceptual alpha.

What does a conceptual alpha mean?
- When we say conceptual alpha we mean that the game is not finished, its still work in progress. There are numerous bugs we are aware of, but many we are not aware of. We want you to be able to run around in the Southern Eastern Kingdoms (Elwynn, Redridge, Duskwood and a few more locations) to explore and critique the work we have done so far.

So what is completed?
- Elwyn Forest is almost complete with its general layout, there are still missing locations or locations you cannot enter completely, but the general layout should be good.
-Duskwood, follows the same suit as Elwyn.
- Redridge, while not finished, it is something I worked very hard on last week, and therefore contains Lakshire, Althers Mill and Stonewatch Keep.

What else is in it? 
- Stormwind, and Stratholme.
Stratholme is only accessible through console command or through the teleportation npc in Kynesgrove

There are numerous factions, armor and items included in the mod. The majority of said items are re textures of vanilla items or items we have received permission to use.

There is also tons of more content to come.

Again, please be aware this is a conceptual alpha, we cannot ensure that it is stable and bug free.

Future Plans:

We intend to keep working on the Eastern Kingdoms, and refining what we have so far. We also intend to at least at the Night Elf, Blood/High Elf and Draenei races for which we already have the resources available.
We also still need help with textures and some "simple" model creations. We would LOVE help.
We could use trailers as well, to draw attention to the mod.


- Navigate to Skyrim/data, and export all of your folders there.

If you installed it correctly you should then find the following inside of your "Data" folder:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is anything required for the mod to work?
A: Yes, Dawnguard DLC

Q: How can I enter Azeroth?
A: As for now, the worldspace can only be accessed through a npc in Kynesgrove. A quest will start as soon as you enter a town, inn or city which will point you towards the npc. This npc can also send you to other locations which aren't accessible through the Eastern Kingdoms worldspace. In the future this will be done through a questline.

Q: My companions wont follow me!!
A: I know.. very little of it is navmeshed so far, it will be more and more after every release i do.

Q: Can i help you with the mod?
A: Yes, please message me (CelsiuZ) and/or Hellscreamy, we need help with Textures, Meshes/Modelling, Quests and Trailer work.

Q: Can you make( random request armor/land/etc)?
A: Ask nicely and i might, maybe not in the next version, but it does end up on my to do list.

Q: I get crashes near Northshire/Lakeshire/Other location (please mention in the bug-report thread)
A: Keep in mind this is an Alpha release, we are still investigating these crashes. They may be related to the missing LOD, unfinished heightmap or the large amount of objects present in some locations.

Q: There is a large fort west of Windhelm filled with Scarlet Monastery npc's
Q: There are doors in the middle of no-where inside SKyrim
A: These will be removed in the new release and are merely remnants of the older versions of the project.

Q: I cannot find a way back to skyrim
A: The only way back is through a portal or magic doors hidden in the world, in the future there will be a easier way to return. For now use the COC command such as COC KynesgroveBraidwoodInn

Credits and shout outs!

Thanks to the following for letting me use parts of their files:

Abakus - A Steel Heater Shield

Maty743 - Knights of the Nine

Redxavier - Porting and rigging of The Witcher 2 Shields

CD Projekt Red - Developer of Witcher 2
Meshes and textures of shileds and who have very generously allowed the use of their game assets by modders provided they are given credit.

by Oaristys & Tony67 - Modders Resource Pack
For the use of various textures and meshes they have created together.

Runspect - Modders Resource Pack
For the use of various textures and meshes he has created

breti - New Buildings Modders Resource
For the use of various textures and meshes he has created to use in Skyrim.

Tiki Torch - Modders resource
By: Tentain

Hoddminir Grass:
Thanks Elinen for allowing us to use these resources!
Be sure to check the higher resolution textures of these mods, you can easily replace the low 512 resolution textures with the 1024 or 2048 versions by copy-pasting them into your data folder. Leave an endorsement behind!

GKB Green Trees:
These trees bring us the beautiful trees of Elwynn Forest and Duskwood.

59 Paintings and Frames - Artisanix

SuperSky Mod Review
Review of the several zones we released in version 0.1.
Link points towards part one of the review.

Enjoy the mod! Please leave feedback!
//CelsiuZ & Hellscreamy