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Whiterun Farmhouse
Like many who have come to SkyrimNexus to find a player home I have been unable to find exactly what I wanted. So I made my own.

* A standing structure, not a cave or a random trapdoor on the ground.
* A Fast Travel point for easy return with phat lewtz.
* Close to a major city, but not in Riverwood.
* Practical, not too small or to large.
* Integrate the discovery and acquisition of the property into the lore via quest or purchase.
* Fully Navmesh to allow companions to join you.

* The Whiterun Farmhouse is an actual house, with a yard, located in an open field.
* The Whiterun Farmhouse, as previously mentioned incorporates a Fast Travel point conveniently placed at the doorway to the house.
* Located just outside Whiterun, the farmhouse is easily walked to/from the city gates or stables.
* The structure uses the smallest available house, within reason.
* The inside is modeled to accurately fit correctly.
* The house features all necessary ameneties without statues, bridges, waterfalls, or other unnecessary clutter.
* Nav Meshing Complete!
* Quest integration has been postponed for a future release.

If you were playing through the main storyline you would discover the map marker for the location by simply walking down the road to meet Irileth on your way to investigate rumors of a dragon circling a watchtower just outside Whiterun. This means you can encounter the house at nearly the same time as you would encounter the first player home. At this time, the home is simply ownerless and you can move right in with no quest or purchase necessary. This will change at some future time.

The Property Features
* Smelt
* Blacksmith Anvil
* Grindstone
* Workbench
* Leather Rack

* Arcane Enchanters table
* Potion crafting table
* Cooking pot
* Custom labeled containers
* Jewelry
* Skill Books
* Potion Ingredients
* Soul Gems
* Armor
* Weapons
* Storage
* Also 2 end tables
* Double bed

v1.0 - Initial release

v1.1 - Added Navmesh!

v1.2 - never actually released...

v1.3 - Moves the home a few yards down the road to avoid any conflicts with Whiterun Market!
v1.3 - A new chest has been added to the porch for crafting materials!

To install, use the Nexus Mod Manager or manually copy the contents of the file to your Data directory. The mod currently only contains 1 necessary file: "WhiterunFarmhouse.esp"
Ensure that the file is checked under "Data Files" on your Skyrim Launcher Menu.

*** In order to use mods you must have archive invalidation enabled. You can do this via NMM or manually (instructions are easily found via Google)

Simply remove "WhiterunFarmhouse.esp" from your data directory.

Additional Notes
If you have any suggestions on how to improve this mod, or if you have found a bug, please leave a comment on the discussion page.