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Level 20 Redguard archer/ theif. Has Joined theives guild but no other quests completed. Revealled a few major holds but no other map locations discovered. 5 perks still available to distribute, a nice array of enchantments learned and a good stock of weapons and gold. Perfect for trying out a new class.

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Second playthrough, I decided to try the whole sneaky bows & backstabbing thing so since i've power leveled this Redguard before starting any quests, I thought I might aswell share him with you guys.

Theives guild entry quest is the only one completed.
Major holds are the only revealed map markers.

Come back and comment to let me know what you think or request more.

Magicka-110 / Health-200 / Stamina-180

Carryweight-560 / Gold-4500+

5 Perks available to spend.

Skills are as follows;
Two handed-15 /One handed-32 /Archery-53
Light armor-31/Sneak-27/ Lockpicking-28
Enchanting-46/Smithing-44/ Heavy armor-16
Block-23 / Alchemy-23 / Illusion-15
Conjuration-23 /Destruction-21/Restoration-23