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Adds a fully modular and customizable player home. The player can construct the home however they choose. Build what you love and remove what you hate! 1 mod, dozens of home possibilities! Now with Daedra Worship!

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design courtesy of joykilldesign

Build your own home!

Yes thats right! YOU build the home! You construct the home however you like! The home is COMPLETELY modular! Add what you like and remove what you hate!

Want a small simple shack located by a beautiful river? You've got it!
Want a two story home with a bedroom, and a small farm outside? Build it!
Want a small fortress, complete with gardens, smithys, tannerys, and more? Go for it!

It is your home, build it how you choose!

Customize it!

Decorate your home to reflect YOU! You are a unique individual with a unique playstyle! Build your home to reflect it!

Choose from one of 4 "Themes" to decorate your home, these themes can be mixed and matched for "hybrid" designs. Are you a wizard studying the arcane? A hunter living outdoors? A theif living in seclusion? Mix them up at will! Your home reflects you! More info on designs below (FANCY IMAGES!)

Also available is a hidden lair that can reflect Werewolves or Vampires! Your choice!

Getting Started!

You build the home! Go gather the materials! Keep an axe handy and a pickaxe at your side, finally
you have reason to go out there and collect stuff!

The home is situated just outside of the Abandoned Prison, at Lucky's Shack. Check the Images if you don't know what I'm talking about. Fast travel to the abandoned prison and you CANNOT miss the home, its right up river. If you've never been to the abandoned prison, its essentially right at the fork in the road between Riften, WIndhelm, and Whiterun. TRavel from Whiterun to Riften and after you pass the bandit tower you come to a winding cliff road, then a bridge. When you reach the bridge you have made it to the home.

Once there, be sure to pick up Lucky's Journal inside the (convenient!) shed, where you can also
store all of your building materials. In Lucky's journal it depicts his plans for the home, so you
know what materials to gather! To start the construction find the workbench with the deed on it, and use it! (Follow the images!)

Common Questions!

Q. My workbench won't work!

A. You need Skyrim version 1.6.
You can't be in combat. (-- This INCLUDES Followers. Sometimes you may not be in combat, but your follower tags you as in combat.)
You need a legal copy.

If even one of those isn't met, it won't work. Fix one of them.

Q. I CTD on entering the home!

A. You have the old Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix, go get the new one!

Q. My book doesn't have everything!?

A. It does, keep turning the pages. There is a blank page every so often to keep the book looking right. Everything is in the book.

Q. There are bunnies in my home!?! And a fox!?!

A. You wanted a pet right? Don't like them? Kill them D:

Q. It says I do not have enough materials, but they are in the barrel!

A. The barrel is only there for convenient storage, you need to have the materials on your person :p

Q. It says I do not have enough materials, but I do! Double checked!

A. For the fire place: You need Iron ORE, not ingots. For ANYTHING using "Deer Hide" You NEED to make sure your deer hide came from an elk! Its ELK deer hide!

Q. I can't feed on the sleeping guy?!

A. Punch him, I don't know why this happens but punching him always solves it for me, he willl ignore the gesture and continue on sleeping. This is now also an issue in Dawnguard, so its obviously up to Bethesda to fix this. FOr now, fists will do.

Q. I CTD here or there, what!?

A. This mod is very clean, a LOT of other mods are not. You may have to route them out and try disabling some other mods you may have. If you have a CTD, there is no clear way to solve it other than you taking the time to adjust your mod load order or check for conflicts. Sorry to say but thats just that.

Q. Can my spouse live here?

A. Trying to get spouses to live in a modded home isn't really easy to do, and will ultimitely conflict with any other mod that tries to do the same. Its not practical to even try, instead use this mod:

Spouses can live anywhere

Its better than the vanilla system. Get it.

Q. Why are there werewolf heads in my werewolf den?

A. Werewolves are openly hostile toward one another, and Hircine tells them to kill one another enough for it to make sense. Those poor werewolves weren't in your pack.

Q. Why is there no Warrior theme?

A. I will give you such a pinch.

Q. I'm a Belua Vampire and shrines hurt me! Ouch!

Go away from any shrines

Type Set BeluaDisableShrineDamage to 1

travel through a few cells

Go back home :D

Q. My stump is purple >:O

A. That is an issue with the vanilla HD texture pack, not my problem :p

[size=10]THINGS TO NOTE[/size]

1. !!!You [size=8]MUST[/size] Remove all items from any of the storage (mannequins + bookshelves!) BEFORE you remove your furniture to change to a different design! Don't ask why, JUST DO IT. I warned you here, and in game. Its no big deal really, you shouldn't be changing designs often if at all anyways. If you are wondering why I have to warn you about this, read on. Else, just skip this part and keep this in mind!

The mod works by Enabling/Disabling objects. This means that, when you remove a home furniture set, the containers in the room are "Disabled." They are still there, but cannot be interacted with.

For average containers, like dressers/chests its no big deal, all the objects stored in them stay there, you just won't be able to access them unless you rebuild the furniture they are associated with. (Example: you put a gem in a safe that only the Thief home has, you remove the theif home and, duh, you cant get the gem back until you rebuild it.)

HOWEVER, weapon racks, and ESPECIALLY Bookshelves and Mannequins have more problems.

If you leave a weapon on a rack and remove a furniture set its not too problematic, you will return to find your weapon floating and the rack gone. Just pick up the weapon and it fixes itself.

The problem is Bookshelves an Mannequins. Any armor that's still on a mannequin, when removed, is permanantly deleted from the game. Sorry, its just how the game works. Remove your clothing from the mannequin BEFORE you remove the mannequin. Its simple enough to avoid.

The same issue occurs with bookshelves as it does mannequins. ALL the books stored in the shelf are deleted, and worse off the space the books occupied remain. If you continue to forget to remove books before you remove the furniture, your bookshelf will end up being filled with no books. Just say no to leaving books in the bookshelf when changing designs.

2. Loot Lucky's body before you remove the ruined shack, he has a treasure map on him that actually initiates a hidden quest by enabling a chest. Also, he has a handful of materials you will need. Sometimes he falls into the rubble below the home, you may have to do some swimming to get to him. Lucky can wriggle his way out of any situation.

3. You can kill any of the prisoners in the hidden lair, even the sleeping one. They will respawn for you. You deviant you!

4. Deer hide = elk hide. You may end up going to build your home with a bag full of "deer hide" but alas! You cannot! It turns out, for some reason, elk drop deer hide and deer drop a different deer hide. FYI you will only ever need elk-deer hide. WHy did bethesda name elk hide deer hide? I don't know D:

5. The home is logic based, it tracks what you have and have not built. Some construction options do not show until it makes sense that they will. Example: The exterior smithy hangs off of the watch tower, so you cannot build the smithy until the watch tower is built. Like wise, you cannot remove the watch tower IF the smithy is present. You have to remove the smithy first. This is great because

a. It makes sense and
b. it keeps the player from building a floating smithy :p

Keep that in mind when building the home!

6. The chicken and cow are named after a pet chicken that used to be apart of my family, Benny Poo.






Fun Facts!

This mod is TOTALLY CLEAN. Not a single vanilla asset was altered unintentionally! This should make it nice and compatible with tons of other mods!

This mod took 980 lines of scripting! HOORAY

The entire home is navmeshed! Exterior and Interior!

This mod uses some awesome resources by some awesome modders! Check them out!

[size=10]This mod comes courtesy of (Click the links!)[/size]



I could go on forever listing all the additions you can construct or deconstruct. Here are some
images that do that job for me!

[size=7]Now that your home is complete, how to decorate the interior?[/size]