About this mod

Stop time, don the cowl of the Gray Fox, earn a glacial mansion, speak the language of the Dovah, and race across Skyrim as you befriend Aetas, the Daedric Lord of Time.

Permissions and credits
Stop time, don the cowl of the Gray Fox, earn a glacial mansion, speak the language of the Dovah, infect cities with a deadly plague, steal pirate treasure, and race across Skyrim as you befriend Aetas, the Daedric Lord of Time.

This quest is divided into two parts:
Part 1: A Friend of Time
Part 2: The Heart of Time
Part 1 is out and fully playable. Part 2 is coming soon.

Three part main quest (scripted and unique)
Fully voiced and lip synched
Fully functional Gray Fox cowl that keeps track of your bounties for each hold. (Earned through a unique quest)
Repeatable radiant quest
Challenging gameplay for characters level 50+
Unique spells and items for those who can earn them
Unique boss fight
New models and textures
Earnable perk to craft unique light Daedric armor
Large earnable house with all the amenities

File size breakdown:
Version 1.0:
Meshes - 9.19mb
Textures- 9.21mb
Sound- 51.5mb
Scripts- <1mb

Merge the data folder with the 'Data' folder in your Skyrim folder. Don't forget to check the esp "AK- A Friend of Time".

For parts of the quest, you may travel outside the natural borders of Skyrim. Consequently you need to edit your .ini file.
Under the [General] section of your "Skyrim.ini" add the line "bBorderRegijavascript-event-stripped0"

You also need to remove the map camera limits. Any number of mods on the nexus do this. My settings are as follows. (Under the [MapMenu] header in Skyrim.ini)
Comment if you have questions. :D

The quest starts when you visit the hourglass (north of Dawnstar). If you wait too long, a courier will find you and give you an invitation.

WARNING: This mod contains quests not for the faint of heart. These quests are challenging and include difficult enemies! I play on master difficulty, with every difficulty mod I can find, and my level 90 something character still does not have much challenge. I made this mod difficult enough to challenge myself, and other high level characters.

This quest is setup for players who have exhausted the vanilla quests. Hence, a level of 50+ is recommended. (I also recommend Elys Uncapper.

To get past the quest's intro you will need to have finished the main quest and unlocked the third level of the slow time shout.

If you're interested in just the Gray Fox Cowl, check out my new Gray Fox Standalone mod. It's a standalone, 100% functional cowl of Nocturnal complete with seperate bounty tracking for all 9 holds, detect life (friends and foes separately) and the original fortify carry weight and sneak enchantments!

This is the first mod I began working on for Skyrim. I started planning and recording dialogue in December of 2011, before the CS was even out and have been working on it, by myself, ever since. At the time of release of this mod I've released 8 other mods, most of which I produced while learning the skills I'd end up using on this mod. It's been seven months in the making so far, and I will continue to update and enlarge it. I plan on writing up a detailed history on the making of this mod, but for basic info, check out my news and progress thread.

Solid Future Plans:
Finish the main quest: Assemble the tools necessary to heal the heart of time!
Integrated Original Sound Track
More unique items and quests to obtain them
New / refined 3d models
An annoying companion
A plague and its cure
More unique items and quests

Possible Plans:
-Record Dialogue for guards and the Gray Fox
-Pack into BSA

Aetas is an arrogant son of a gun. I told him to look at the player when he speaks, and he told me to shove off. (He thinks he's better than you).

The hourglass has borrowed collision from the Merida statue. I plan on fixing this in part 2, after I learn how to make collision. ;D

FIXED in v1.1 -If you use a timeblood – powered shout without any drops of timeblood, it will activate next time you pick up a drop of timeblood.

FIXED in v1.1- Some people have noticed a bug where Aetas doesn't speak to them after activating the hourglass. If you experience this bug please let me know in the comments section.

Gray Cowl of Nocturnal does not properly detect life. This will be fixed in v2.0, set to release at the end of the summer.

If you experience a bug, let me know. I'll post it here until it's fixed in an update. :D

I always play this mod with SKSE and ScriptDragon, so those should work fine. ;D

This mod edits some of the "DialogueCrimeGuards" to make the guards react correctly to the Gray Fox. Many cells have been updated to include an xmarker that the radiant quest uses.

For reasons unknown to me, I also find it incompatible with the mod "Water," which makes me really sad. When both mods run at the same time, I crash on location change fairly often, but if I tick either one of them off, then the crash is gone. I plan on updating to the latest version of water to see if I still have the issue.

This mod is also incompatible with hobbithouse.esp, for the same reasons as listed above.

Compatibility with my other mods:
This mod uses some of the assets I've developed for other mods (like my Light Blue Daedric Armor). When you install this mod with one of those mods, it may ask to copy over files. That should be fine as the files should be the same. ;D I recommend turning off the Daedric Light Blue armor mod, as this provides the same bonuses, but they need to be earned, but the esps are NOT incompatible, so you can use both at the same time if you like. :D

Thank you to Lawngnome for his advice on getting voiced dialogue to work, it helped a lot!

Thanks to The Creation Kit and the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages wikis for providing all the info I needed on everything from script functions to lore! They're invaluable sites!

The following people have helped me with bugs:

Thanks to LightSentry, TheLegendaryNord, Dae, nitebird, Expresate, and TheTimelordofSkyrim (along with a ton of others) for helping me solve the Silent Aetas bug! Thanks guys!

Thanks to Heroic Mark, for pointing out the Cowl's Detect life bug.

Thanks to Gimp for being a free, reliable, and efficient photo editing program. (I used gimp to create all of my section break pictures, as well as do my texture work).

Thanks to Blender, for being an awesome, free, easy to use 3d program. (Used for my new 3d models, like the hourglass).

Thanks to OptTextures, for really reducing my file sizes!

And finally, thanks to Bethesda for making such an awesome game, and then turning it over to your fans to tweak, change, and add to it in any way they can think up!

This mod is loosely connected with The Quest of Thyme, my first mod ever, created for Oblivion.

Read the mod's short story here!

Finally, if you have a great rig and some nice ENB settings, I'd love it if you uploaded some pics of my mod! If you're really ambitious, I'd love to see someone make a trailer or video of it!