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Priests wear differently-coloured robes.

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If you look in the Creation Kit, you'll see that there are four recolours of the priest's robes - red, green, grey, and brown - but none of them are used in the game. This mod aims to fix that.

Now, all priests of Kynareth will wear green, priests of Dibella will wear red, priests of Arkay will wear grey, and priests of Talos will wear brown. To round out the selection, the priests of Mara will still wear their vanilla tan robes. For the priests at the Temple of the Divines, since they didn't seem to be associated with any one god, I've given one of them green robes, one of them red robes, and one of them is left as in vanilla.

Have fun!

Revision 1 - 6/10/12. This should fix the priests not wearing shoes. If they're still barefoot, clicking on them in the console and typing "resurrect" should fix the problem.

Revision 2 - 4/8/13. Thanks to WilliamImm, I've incorporated some of the changes made to certain priests in the latest patch. Additionally, patches are available for Bring Out Your Dead and Consistent Older People.