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No Longer Supported!
Please switch to Sandman53's SwiftPotion Reborn, which includes many new features and support!

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Author: Chesko

SwiftPotion adds a new, highly configurable auto-potion system. With it, you can stay healed and refreshed without interrupting your gameplay to drink potions in the heat of battle.

SwiftPotion has no special requirements; it not require SKSE or Script Dragon. Just install and play.

How It Works

SwiftPotion is designed to stay out of your way; no pop-up messages or other distractions. In fact, the mod starts silently in the background. Don't worry; as soon as you start playing, SwiftPotion is already watching your Health, Magicka, and Stamina, making sure you stay in fighting shape.


To configure SwiftPotion, open your Powers menu, select SwiftPotion, and press your Shout key (Z by default). Using the configuration system, you can tailor SwiftPotion to your specific needs.
  • Enable / Disable: Turn auto-potion use on or off for Health, Magicka, and Stamina individually. (Default: Enabled)
  • Threshold: Set the percentage your Health, Magicka, or Stamina must drop before a potion is automatically used. You can define a separate threshold for each of the three stats. (Default: 50%)
  • Quality Preference: Tell SwiftPotion if you would like to automatically use your highest quality potions first, or your lowest quality potions. This can be set for Health, Magicka, and Stamina individually. (Default: Lowest Quality Available)
  • Combat Behavior: You can tell SwiftPotion to only use auto-potions during combat, or at all times. (Default: Always)


None. You do not need SKSE or Script Dragon.

Special Notes

Supporting user-created potions is impossible within the current limitations of Papyrus. Using SKSE it is possible, but it may be awhile before I get around to using that.

SwiftPotion operates on a roughly 1-second update cycle; this is to prevent performance impact to the rest of the scripting system. Set your threshold value accordingly to compensate for the slight delay between updates.

I consider SwiftPotion to be functionally complete at this time, and will not be implementing feature requests. I do invite you to please report any bugs you may happen to find. My pre-release testing indicated that the scripts performed well and everything worked as intended.


  • I am not using potions automatically, AND/OR the SwiftPotion power does nothing!

If the SwiftPotion power won't work, did you make sure to press your Shout key (Z by default)?

If things still aren't working, try using the No BSA version instead. Some people have problems reading script files from BSA archives, and this should resolve the problem.


No direct conflicts. SwiftPotion will not work with custom health potions from alchemy mods. SwiftPotion will automatically use the six different types of Health, Magicka, and Stamina potions in the vanilla game. (Minor, (Regular), Plentiful, Vigorous, Extreme, Ultimate)

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