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Simple mod that makes shield bashing more useful in combat.

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Improved Shields, Version 0.9a (Beta)

"Improved Shields" is a small, simple mod that fixes the problem of static bashing damage by scaling it as is done with other forms of combat in Skyrim. Bashing damage depends on a character's block skill and the type of shield equipped. An adjustment to lower the amount of stamina used for bashing is also included, five percent regardless of skill or player level.

This mod attempts to replicate the Weapon Damage Formula as well as possible in the interest of balanced combat. Currently, shield bashing damage with "Improved Shields" scales one percent per level. It is determined according to the following formula: damage = bashing base damage * (1.01 * skill) + shield base damage * perk effects where 'perk effects' only applies if the character has Deadly Bash, and 'shield base damage' is comparable to a mace's base damage - or half of a shield's armour rating.

Future plans for the mod:
-Scale stamina use for bashing to block skill
-Make damage determined by armour rating a seperate variable from damage determined by shield material (currently packaged as 'shield base damage')
-Remove enchanting limitations from shields to include offensive spells activated on bash

This mod is currently in BETA but fully usable. Input on eveness of combat mechanics and bug reports (ex.: missing scaled base damage for certain shields) are appreciated.

31/05/2012 - v0.9 original release
01/06/2012 - v0.9a fixed bug, damage modifiers did not apply correctly
27/03/2014 - v0.9b perks are now passive and don't require scripts, damage modifier simplified, stamina modifier packaged into BetterBash perk