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This mod adds a master spell to summon a Dremora Lord permanently. It is fully integrated with the Quest "Conjuration Ritual Spell" and is obtained just like the other thrall spells.

Permissions and credits
1.1 UPDATE: just a small fix for for 100% spell absorption making the spell unusable, and a small edit to the tooltip.
Apology's for the lack of communication and support for this mod, I really only do modding for myself and friends. Thus I just upload mods "as is", rather than monitoring their nexus page and developing for the community.

This mod adds a "Dremora Lord Thrall" spell that will summon a Dremora Lord permanently just like the "Fire/Frost/Storm Thrall" spells.
It is fully integrated into the quest "Conjuration Ritual Spell", which needs to be completed before it will appear for sale alongside the other Thrall spells.
Its gold and magika costs are based off the ratio between the non permanent versions.
Also Just like its non-permanent version it is affected by the Conjuration perks Summoner, Atromancy, Twin Souls, and NOT affected by Elemental Potency.

This mod should only conflict with mods that change " Conjuration Ritual Spell" quest.

For Mod Makers:
If you are having compatibility issues here is a conflict list

Created Spell: CORDremoraLordThrall

Created Magic Effect: CORSummonDremoraLordThrall

Created Book: CORSpellTomeDremoraLordThrall

Leveled List: LItemSpellTomes100Conjuration
Added item: CORSpellTomeDremoraLordThrall

Leveled List: MGRitualConjurationBooks
Added item: CORSpellTomeDremoraLordThrall

Quest: MGRitual03
Quest Stage: 200
Script line 10: inserted: ConjurationVendorChest.AddItem(SpellTomeDremoraLordThrall,1)
Added Script Property: SpellTomeDremoraLordThrall