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Adds 12 unique followers (adventurers?) to Skyrim, each with their own specializations and themes. Instead of sticking them in a corner, they travel randomly to multiple locations across Skyrim, attacking bandit camps and forts, resting at empty locations and friendly shacks and relaxing at Inns and Cities. Great filler characters even if you don't want followers.

=====What you need to know=====

Fully compatible with Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn.
No requirements or standalone elements, just vanilla followers with unique appearances and specializations.
Each follower has a day in which they stay in one location to make finding them easier. See Follower Locations below.

=====Recommended Mods=====

Better Kajiit & Argonian Body Makes beast races buffer as weight increases by modifying the skeleton.

=====Follower Loactions=====

Alana: Ivarstead Inn on Sundays.
Ashe : Riverwood Inn on Mondays.
Coda: Rorickstead Inn on Tuesdays.
Devesha: Dragon Bridge Inn on Wednesdays.
Desdra: Cliffside Retreat, everyday.
Elsif: Mothal Inn on Thursdays.
Haj-Meer: Falkreath Inn/Bar Fridays.
Keiko: Camp atop Abandoned Watchtower north of Falkreath, everyday.
Leona : Drunken Huntsman on Saturdays.
Mira:Temple of Mara on Sundays.
Mulgrom: MorKhazgur on Mondays.
Sheena: Riften Ratway, Ragged Flagon on Tuesdays.
Shyvana : Winterhold College, Hall of Countenance, first floor on Wednesdays.

=====Follower Specializations=====

Alana: Female Reduard, Fire Mage and Conjurer, Light Armor User.
Ashe : Female Imperial, Archer, Light Armor User.
Coda: Male Nord, Tank, Heavy Armor User.
Devesha: Female Imperial, Conjured Weapons Master, Light Armor User.
Elsif: Female DarkElf, Frost Mage and Conjurer, Light Armor User.
Haj-Meer: Male Argonian.
Keiko: Male Kajiit, Two Handed Warrior, Heavy Armor User.
Leona : Female Nord, Two Handed Warrior, Heavy Armor User.
Mira: Female Breton, Paladin Archetype, Can cast weak healing spells on self and turn undead. Heavy Armor User.
Mulgrom: Adaptive. Versed in all forms of Weapons and Armor but not the best. Prefers Dual Wielding axes.
Sheena: Female Imperial, Dual Weapon User, Light Armor User.
Shyvana : Female Nord, Lightning Mage and Conjurer. Light Armor User.

=====Other Mods=====

Immersive Patrols
Gameplay Performance ENB
Improved Hearthfire Lighting

=====How to get married=====


-The first step is going to the Temple of Mara or The Bee and Barb inn. These are the two locations where the Maramal, priest of Mara, sells Amulets of Mara.
Once inside, talk to Maramal.

-Chat about Mara and weddings, and he asks if the Dragonborn knows how marriage works in Skyrim. After an explanation, the Dragonborn can purchase an Amulet of Mara for 200 .

-Wearing this amulet broadcasts to the other citizens that the Dragonborn is available. Locate a compatible citizen and speak with them. Some citizens cannot be married and others require that certain tasks be performed beforehand.

-Travel back to the temple in Riften, tell the priest, and have a ceremony.


Apachii (Wood Elf's Hair)

RAN46 (Modified Vanilla Head Meshes)