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Makes some NPCs wear bandoliers - mod is provided as is - now outdated, but works fine for some, and others have made it work fine (see the comments).

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January 2023: This mod is not updated. I have made it public again by request.

Please see the comments, there are other alternatives, but there are ways to make this mod work fine.

If anybody wants to continue this mod/update it, you can upload it here on Nexus.

Compatibility and Optional Versions
Version History

A fan of the Bandolier mod, but don't want to be the only one wearing them? You've come to the right place then, because this mod changes exactly that!

This mod makes it possible to find bandoliers, satchels, and pouches from the Bandolier mod on various NPCs who would most likely wear them, like bandits for example. However I aimed for balance, and so in general they are quite uncommon. The colour and how common they are also depends on NPCs. I will not reveal too much, but I'll say that with this mod, the Bandolier mod feels like it was in Skyrim from the beginning.

=Compatibility and Optional Versions=
If you are a user of Cloaks of Skyrim and/or Winter is Coming - Cloaks, rejoice! This mod is fully compatible with both of them.


Cloaks of Skyrim Version 1.0 (OUTDATED - MIGHT CAUSE ISSUES)
Winter is Coming Version 2.1 (OUTDATED - MIGHT CAUSE ISSUES)

As of 2.5, there are now options to configure how common stuff is. Also I made an optional file if you want lower, more balanced prices on Bandoliers.

As of 4.0 There is now an optional file that changes items' carry weight to a more realistic level.

If you are using "Immersive Armors", make sure "Immersive Armors" load after "Bandolier for NPCs"!

The installation of this mod is quite different from others! You require the original "Bandolier Bags and Pouches" mod (or any of its translated versions) installed first! This mod doesn't contain any files from it or any other mod!
First of all, this mod cannot be installed manually. You will have to reorder the load order with a tool such as the NMM. I suggest you also regularly use BOSS to sort out the load order.

Anyway, Activate this mod with NMM. You will get an option screen to pick compatibility patches and how common you want stuff to be.
Make sure that BandolierForNPCMasterFile.esp is loaded before the other BandolierForNPCs file! Then, put them both after Dr_Bandolier.esp and any of the cloak mods if you are using them.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to put BandolierForNPCMasterFile.esp at the end of your load order, and the other BandolierForNPCs file after that!

To uninstall - just deactivate this mod. No glitches or anything left behind.

lasyan3 has made a French translation of this mod. Thanks lasyan3!
Nexus Link

=Version History=
4.0 - Major update! This mod is now compatible with Dawnguard! However, for that you will also need Bandolier - Dawnguard. Since I have not played through Dawnguard yet, I haven't assigned stuff to spawn on Dawnguard added enemies. As soon as I find out who should have what, I will make them wear it. I have also added few more configuration options, such as lower carry weight bonus from Bandoliers.

The compatibility patch for "Immersive Armors" has been removed! Load "Immersive Armors" after this mod instead.

3.4 - Made the mod compatible with "Immersive Armors". There was one small conflict, because both mine and Immersive Armors edited the outfit of Alik'r warriors.

3.2 - Made the mod BAIN compatible. Thanks "jatkinson85"!

3.0 - Made compatible with the newest version of Bandolier - 1.1. You can find all the items introduced by the newest update of Bandolier - Bags and Pouches.

2.5 - Added more options in the install menu (Choose how rare Bandoliers are), and also made an optional file for reduced prices of Bandoliers.

2.0 - Made compatible with the newest Winter is Coming version, and also made this work with both of them at the same time.

1.1 - Added Belt Bags to the leveled lists. I used to avoid them because they take up 2 slots (right back, right side) thinking that one will spawn with another item that occupies one of the slots and one of them will have to be unequipped, but now I found a way to prevent that.

1.0 - Release. Hopefully I won't have to update this mod too often. It is working correctly and all.

You are allowed to use this as a modder's resource of sorts, as long as you don't violate the original mod's permissions.

I have got permission from Dragten (creator of the Bandolier mod) to upload this.