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Give you more ways to grow your skills!

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If you acted update from Skyrim ver 1.8 to 1.9,please install this mod again.
Some scripts will be overwritten when you update.
Enjoy my mod!


Haven't you think that making ingots should grow smithing skill ?
This mod gives you more chance to grow your skill!

Using tanning rack Mining ore grows your Smithing skill!
And if you mine gems,more grows!

Cooking foods grows your Alchemy skill!

Chopping woods grows your One-Handed skill!

Trapping soul grows your Enchanting and Conjuration skill!
And the amount of growing skill depends on target's type!
ex) If you trap human's soul,the skills grows much than animals and skeletons.
Besides,you learn some features from trapped souls.
So you can get some extra bonus depending on enemy's race!

Nord:increase your frost resist by 0.75 % and heavy armor skill
Breton:increase your magic resist by 0.8 % and restoration skill
Imperial:increase your speechcraft and block skill
Redguard:increase your stamina regeneration by 10% and one-handed skill

High Elf:increase your magicka by 2.5 point and alteration skill
Wood Elf:increase your poison resist by 2% and archery skill
Dark Elf:increase your fire resist by 1% and illusion skill
Falmer:increase your magicka by 0.2 point less than High Elf,and destruction skill
Orc:increase your stamina by 1 point and smithing skill

Argonian:increase your sneak and lockpicking skill
Khajiit:increase your sneak and pickpocket skill

Dragon Priest:decrease your shout recharging time by 5%
Alduin:decrease your shout recharging time by 50%
Dremora:increase your conjuration skill so much

These status bonuses are not effects,just modify your status.
So they last permanently,and the more increase your status the more you kill enemies of the race.

And more, you can trap dragon's soul!(unlike "Dragon Soul" to unlock shout)
Of course their souls grow your skill more than tiny human's!

--Alchemist's Magic Cauldron--
You can make weapons,armors,and ingots in this cauldron,by your alchemy skill!
Now I set them at some locations,please read txt file in this mod.(ex:Dragonsreach,Sleeping Giant,etc...)

--Enchanter's Soul Gem Creater--
You can make soul gems by your enchanting skill!
And you often get "Black soul gem fragment" when you mine ore.
You can make a black soul gem from 10 fragments.
Same as cauldron,I set it at some locations.check txt file in this mod.

In addition, there are some optional files,check them!
If you have any bugs about this mod,please report it in forum.

This mod gives more meaning to your life in Skyrim!