Shining Paladin - Divine Armor by WhoAteTheRamen and ghostrecon123
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Shining Paladin Armor and Weapons Standalone

=== CREDITS ===
Male Textures by WhoAteTheRamen
Female Textures and Standalone ESP by Me

= Adds the following items
- Heavy/Light Paladin Armors
- Enchanted and Non-Enchanted Paladin Armors
- Paladin Mail (Paladin version of Ebony Mail)
- Paladin Sword, Bow and Arrows

= Installation
- Download Main File v1.65 and extract the .ZIP or .RAR archive with Winrar, 7zip or any similar tool of your choice
- Open the folder you just extracted and copy the MESHES, TEXTURES folders and .ESP file over to your Skyrim Data folder in
(:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data)
(:\Program Files\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim\Data)
- Activate the ESP with either the game's default launcher or using Nexus Mod Manager

= Locations
- the Divine Stones needed to craft the armors and weapons can be found near shrines of the divines scattered around Skyrim
- there are a total of 10 locations where divine stones can be found but there's only 1 of those locations where the divine stone respawns

= Stats
- Heavy armor has stats similar to Daedric Armors
- Light armor has stats similar to Dragon Scale Armors
- Weapons has stats similar to Dragon Bone Weapons

= Craftable and Upgradable (in Steel Armor section)
(Ingredients are...)
- Divine Stone
- Steel Ingot
- Silver Ingot
- Gold Ingot
- Leather Strips
- Filled Soul Gems (these are required to craft the Enchanted version of Paladin Gear)

= Notes
- does not replace any armor or weapons
- Dragon Armor Smithing Perk and Arcane Blacksmith Perk are required to craft and upgrade the Paladin Gear
- Divine Arrows can be bought in Solitude Fletcher
- Female version is now Available
- this isn't meant to be one of those skimpy ridiculous bikini armors

= Change Log
- v1 initial release
- v1.1 minor ESP fixes
- v1.2 craftable and upgradable
- v1.3 female version available
- v1.31 minor female texture fixes
- v1.4 new crafting recipe
- v1.5 added Paladin Mail (Paladin version of Ebony Mail), added Enchanted and Non-Enchanted Paladin Armors and Weapons
- v1.6 fixed an Editor ID error with prevents you from upgrading the armor to Legendary even with 100 Blacksmith Skill and Dragon Armor Perk (the reason i found this bug this late is because i just recently reached 100 smithing skill to test it)
- v1.65 made the armor slightly shinier but not too shiny, added divine arrows which you can buy in Solitude Fletcher (same stats as Dragonbone Arrows)

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===== SPOILERS =====
The locations of the Divine Stones are...
- Wayward Pass
- Harmungstalh
- Temple of Kynareth
- Stendar's Beacon
- Nightcaller Temple
- South of Steamcrag Hillock
- Four Skull Lookout
- South of Old Hroldan Inn
- Temple of the Divines
- Whiteriver Valley (This is where you can find the container that respawn Divine Stones)

(Whiteriver Valley can be found between Shimmermist Cave and Fellglow Keep, its the same place where Jarl Elisif of Solitude ask's you to return her husband's War Horn)

- to easily acquire the armors and weapons (the cheat way), just use these console commands
- help "Custom Armors and Weapons"
- the " are also part of the command, don't remove the "
- then some words and numbers will show up, which may look like this
- CONT: (060012d6) 'Custom Armors and Weapons'
- 060012d6 06 is the load order of the mod and 0012d6 is the base ID of the item
- the load order changes depending on where you put your mod in the mod list
- now type player.placeatme 060012d6
- close the console and a chest will appear where you're standing, take what you need insideĀ 
- then to remove the chest from the game world
- open the console and click the chest then type disable
- if you accidentally disable the wrong object then just type enable, just make sure you haven't clicked anything yet after disabling the wrong item


- just type the name of the item you want like this
- help "divine armor" or help "paladin light boots"
- don't forget to add the "
- then some words and numbers will show up like before, look for the base ID of the item you want
- then type player.additem (BASE ID) (QUANTITY) like this player.additem 060063ca 1
- now the item is spawned in your inventory