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Ever looked at the trees in skyrim... they're so small (especially near Riften)

If you agree with me

This Mod changes the size of the trees for a more Fantasy forest like feeling.

By Xweto and Jonigts

Permissions and credits
Ever looked at the trees in skyrim... they're so small (especially near Riften).

If you agree with me


- If you have any questions or problems, read the FAQ down below first, before contacting me (Jonigts).
- Xweto quit modding for a while, so I (Jonigts) got permission from him to continue the development of this mod.
- Xweto did a really great job. He resized a lot of trees, but some of them were too big (specially with SFO), and he didn´t care much about compatibility with other mods, overlapping trees and covered roads.
- My main goal now is to fix everything to make this mod work just fine (and also work together with as mods as possible).
- TI changed the version numbers, for example from 11.4 to 1.4

Version 1.65 is up.

- The BSA version is not working properly and I dont know why. Anybody? (I know, without Mod Organizer, etc.. have to be the same name as the ESP, but still not working).
- Merged the ESP for the Bigger- and Smaller Full tamriel versions.
- I made new LOD-s for SFO, but also left the ones from the Treefix mod (by Laacis2) for those, who prefer that.
- Few tree fixes

Version 1.6 is up. The Bigger Version is revisited in every area, see for yourself.

Everybody (~200 people), who already downloaded the 1.6, please re-download it, since I forget a mesh folder from the "SkyrimBT Lite" folder. There for SBT lite (without riften) doesn't have correct LOD-s. Sorry for that, and download it again, it has been corrected (thanks to kopasov for mentioning this for me).

You can see the changes of the mod here (also If you know any bug, please report it here)):
Bug Tracker


This Mod changes the size of the trees for a more Fantasy Forest (but still realistic) like feeling for Skyrim.

There are Two different version: The original with huge trees, and one with smaller trees (but still taller than Vanilla).
This mod edits a lot of Trees, so some of them are made bigger, especially in bigger forests with smaller trees on the edges of the forests.
A Lot of trees haven't even been touched, since there are also size variations in real life.
A Lot of trees around roads have been downsized ,because the branches covered up the hole road and the player couldn't see anything at all.

There is another great Mod which makes Trees bigger (Skysight - Simply Bigger Trees by fadingsignal), but that mod is working in a different way than ours. Skysight just edited the Tree recources (several tree files), so it enlarges each tree equally, there for it lacks variation.

Our mod, Skyrim Bigger Trees only enhances trees is specific areas (especially in big forests) by editing every tree in Tamriel seperatly, ranging from 0.7x to 6x it's original size. Yes, this mod even makes some trees smaller, for more diversity. We try to make Skyrim more realistic and more awesome this way.

Latest changes:
((You can find the changelog on the Changes tab)

Version 1.6

I reverted back to loose files. If you still prefer the BSA version, contact me, and I will make it for you.

Now with Correct LOD´s for Vanilla and SDO Skyrim Everywhere !!!

- Made the LOD-s compatible with the mod Flora Overhaul (thanks to Laacis2 for the LOD)
- Almost every area has been revisited, clearedand resized in the Bigger Version (tree by tree) for a life-like feeling
- Fixed a lot of overlapping trees with SFO installed
- Fixed several overlapping trees in Vanilla Skyrim
- Made the MOD fully compatible with Unofficial Skyrim Patches (I integrated the tree fixes from those patches)
- Made the MOD fully compatible with Legendary Cities - Tes Arena - Skyrim Frontier Fortress
- Made the MOD fully compatible with Expanded Towns and Cities
- Made the MOD fully compatible with the Official DLC-s (Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn)
- Made the MOD fully compatible with Helgen reborn and some other mods (see compatibility tread)
- Fixed a lot of oversized trees in the Bigger version
- Fixed tree branches that cover roads around Whiterun, Riverwood, Falkreath, Helgen, Ivarstead, Shor's stone, Morthal and Riften.
- Created more diversity in tree sizes (with a few trees even smaller than the vanilla ones)
- Made some trees slightly bigger around Dawnstar and Solitude
- Made trees smaller around Whiterun, Rorikstead, and some other areas
- Fixed several floating tree issues with vanilla trees and SFO trees
- Resized a lot of oversized bushes
- All small tree-like bushes around Riften have been resized to Vanilla sizes (or little bigger), since they look atrocious and lack collision.
- Made a Better Fomod installation process

How to Install, or Uninstall the mod *not recommended ;)*

Easy to Install with fomod, so use NMM, Mod Organizer or any other fomod installer. Manual installation is possible but not recommanded(you need 1 or 2 ESP's and the appropiate BSA files).

Use NMM, Mod Organizer or any other installer to uninstall, or simply remove the lod file (BSA) and the ESP's from Skyrim/Data/ folder.
For the full list see the Compatibility tread
Also If you have any suggestion for compatibility with other mods, comment there.
Recommended mods
Also included in the Compatibility tread
Check the Videos tab to see the mod on Youtube


"What about the load order?"
ALWAYS Load Skyrim Bigger Trees AFTER SFO. If you have any mod that modifies the world of Tamriel (adds buildings, etc..) load that mod AFTER Skyrim Bigger Trees.

"Does it require a clean save?"
No, i should work with any save, since this mod doesn't use any Script at all and it is dirty edits free.

"Will this lower my fps?"
Yes, especially the Bigger version. This can range from -2 to -10 or more FPS depending on your system, graphical settings (UGrids, Shadow quality, etc.) and which other mods you're using.
If you get a big performance drop with the bigger version, try the smaller version, and/or lower your graphical settings, like shadow quality.
If you get a big performance drop every time in a specific location, let us know, and we'll solve it.

"What can I do If I get CTD's?"
If you have a low-end PC, lower your graphics settings, because you've most likely run out of memory. If you have a high-end PC, it can be a mod incompatibility or a bug. Try to find which mods cause the ctd's, notify us and we'll fix it.
If it happens in a specific location, also tell us where, and we'll solve that.

"Does this mod work with other mods?"
Yes, it should work with any mod without problems, as long as it doesn't change the Tree LOD meshes. If you find overlappings, please contact me.


Xweto - Creator of this mod, fixes, changes, compatibilities, layout.
Jonigts - fixes, changes, compatibilities with other mods, layout, LOD, cleaning

- Everyone who has provided critiques and suggestions.
- Laacis2 for the SFO LOD textures
- okal for the NMM installer
- Bethesda, Creation Kit.
- ElminsterAU, Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran for TES5Edit
- Ethatron for BSAopt BSAopt
- Photoshop
- 7z
- Nexus

Thanks to Saiotv and InsanOflex for reviewing this mod!!