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This is a BAIN Conversion File packed with a Wizard script for installation using Wrye Bash (Smash). This requires the fomod version of Soul Gems Differ!

Permissions and credits
The wizard is now packaged with the SGD mod, so this is obsolete!

This is a BAIN Conversion File - BCF for Soul Gems Differ. It requires the fomod version of the mod.

This "mod" requires Wrye Bash, so the reader will need to acquaint him/herself with that modding utility before making use of this resource.

The [size=large]BAIN Conversion File & Wizard[/size] are specifically targeted to the [size=large]STEP Community[/size]; however, it is 100% applicable to all users. I augmented the BCF with several of Utopolyst's images and the wizard itself provides detail on every install option.

REMEMBER: Users will need to download Soul Gems Differ (fomod version)!

To use the BCF,
  1. Extract B_Soul Gems Differ_BAIN-6335-BCF.7z into the Bash Installers/Bain Converters (place Soul Gems Differ mod into Bash Installers along side the BCF Bash Installers).
  2. Launch Wrye Bash, click on the Installers tab.
  3. Select Soul Gems Differ mod package, right click and choose Conversions > Apply > B_Soul Gems Differ_BAIN-6335-BCF.
  4. Right click on the newly-configured BAIN installer and select "Wizard" or "Auto Wizard" to start up the installer.
  5. Install the mod, done.

Thanks to Utopolyst for permission and the original mod.

=================== VERSION NISTORY ===================
7/29/2012 v2.0: Restructured BAIN folders using a different hierarchical system and updated the wizard to the new structure. Also updated wizard instructions and images. This result is a much simpler installation.

5/21/2012 Update1: update to fix a small issue with double spaces in the "03 - Glow - Blue - Petty - Full" package thanks z929669 for finding the error

5/21/2012 Update 2: another small fix for the following packages
02 - Black Soul - Bloody - Common - Empty
02 - Black Soul - Bloody - Greater - Empty
02 - Yellow - Greater - Empty
02 - Yellow - Lesser - Full

thanks again to z929669 for finding these!