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FPS increase for low-end computers and laptops.

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ULG (Ultra Low Graphics) Tool

This tool aims to improve performance on old/weak desktops and laptops. It sets many of the graphics settings below the default low limit. This should help increase performance on older computers or laptops. I have seen an average improvement of about 5fps.

Installation Instructions

- Confirm that you have Java installed.
- Download and extract the mod zip file. There should be a .jar file inside.
- Run the .jar file by double clicking it. Open with Java if you are prompted to choose a program.
- You may need to set paths if they are not automatically detected. File -> Set Custom Paths.
- Choose the game you'd like to install on, and click Install.

Uninstall Instructions

- Open the game launcher.
- Go to options, and choose one of the graphics presets; Low, Medium, High, or Ultra.


Java -


Currently incompatible with;
- Nothing that I know of.


2.2.0 (2021-03-21) - Netcode improvements, added option to send diagnostic data to improve development and troubleshooting, minor tuning improvements to configs
2.1.0 (2021-01-31) - Re-added option to select shadowmap resolution, and re-added "balanced" configs as an install option.
2.0.0 - Added support for Skyrim & Skyrim SE.
1.3.4 - Minor bugfixes.
1.3.3 - Minor net code and GUI bugfixes.
1.3.2 - Fixed several lighting glitches. Added option to select shadowmap resolution.
1.3.1 - Fixed a crash if a log can't be created.
1.3.0 - Written from scratch. Initial release.