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This mod gets monsters spawning more.
Additional monsters consist of both Vanilla and DawnGuard.
Now x1 to x8 for each enemy races.
Supporting SkyUI MCM.

Permissions and credits

SkyrimMoreSpawns Version 1.2

This mod gets monsters spawning more, upon Vanilla base or up to other mods installed.
Esp file is build upon Skyrim.esm, DawnGuard.esm and DragonBorn.esm.
It is compatible with those Mods modifying Leveled-List or Actors lower than Encxxx.
So far the SkyMoMod is concerned, most of it's additional monsters would be covered since it had not conflicted modifications (based upon my experimental view, and if it has not changed in newer versions).
Things goes similarly for other mods.
Use TES5Edit to check the detail conflictions.

You can configure the multiplier of spawn rate by your self manully for each races on MCM.
And as explained in "New Feature" section, you can configure those multipliers for field and dungeons separetely.
For example, if you want x3 Falmers(except bosses), set "Falmer Mult' to 3.0.
Then, you will get 25% chance of facing additional 1 falmer, 50% chance of additional 2 falmers and 25% chance of additional 3 falmer, per 1 falmer.
The expected value of additional falmers in this case is 2, so you will face exactly x3 falmers in total.
Also, suppose you configure expected value 3.1, you will get 22.5% chance of additional 1 falmer per 1 falmer, 47.5% chance of additional 2 falmers, 27.5% chance of additional 3 falmers and 2.5% chance of additional 4 falmers.
The expected value of additional falmers in this case is 2.1 so you can face exactly x3.1 falmers in total.

The max multiplier is x8 which means a mob will cause additional 6-8 mobs.
The min multiplier is x1 which means no additonal spawn.

You can configure those multiplier for below races in MCM:

Bandit Configuration
Bandit and SilverHands (and Cultists)
Bandit and SilverHand Bosses
Draugr Configuration
Draugr and DragonPriests Boesses
Dwarven Configuration
Dwarven Automatons
Dwarven Automaton Bosses (Dwarven Centurions)
Falmer Configuration
Falmer and Chaurs (and Lukers)
Falmer Bosses
Forsworn Configuration
Forsworns and Hagravens (and Reiklings)
Forsworn and Hagraven Bosses
Mage Configuration
Mage (Worlocks, Witches, Necromancers and Seekers)
Mage Bosses
Vampire Configuration
Vampire Bosses
Animal Configuration
Giant and Mammoth
Prey (animals of grazers, e.g. Deers, MudClubs)
Predetor (animals of predetors, e.g. Beers, Spriggans)
Miscellaneous Configuration
Skeleton (Skeletons, Bonemen)
Dragon (Possibly random encount only)
Miscellaneous (Quest only NPC, Dremora, SoulCairn enemies etc)
Miscellaneous Bosses



SkyUI 4.1 (or higher, up to its downward compatibility, and tt will work without SkyUI but in that case you have to configure Spawn rate via console as previous versions.)

New Features:

1. SkyUI and MCM support
In version, MCM of SkyUI 4.1 is supported.
You can configure the multiplier of spawn rate for each races on MCM appearing in SkyUI.
Go in-game main menu and select "Mod Configuration Menu" -> "SkyrimMoreSpowns"

2. Field Multiplier
I'v heard that those who configures high spawn rate often runs into crash or hang due to heavy spawning on fields (especially near Riften).
So I'd implement a new concept, another spawn rate namely "Field Multiplier" for each races.
They are new multipliers supposed to be applied for each races who are on the field but not in dungeons.
It will work under below 2 conditions (not OR but AND):
1. The subject is on fields.
2. Field Multiplier is configured in range 1.0 to 8.0 for the corresponding race (0 to 0.9 means Field Multiplier is disabled).
If both conditions are true, "Field Multiplier" value will be applied for the subject.
Since they are configured to 0 in default, all Mobs will spawn in the spawn rate configured based upon normal Multiplier both on field and in dungeons.
Suppose you configure "Falmer Mult" to 5.0 and "Falmer Field Mult" to 0.0:
A Falmer both in dungeons and on fields will be multiplied by apprx 5.
Suppose you configure "Falmer Mult" to 5.0 and "Falmer Field Mult" to 3.0:
A Falmer in dungeons will be multiplied to apprx 5 but multiplied by 3 on fields.
Suppose you configure "Falmer Mult" to 5.0 and "Falmer Field Mult" to 0.9:
A Falmer both in dungeons and on fields will be multiplied by apprx 5, since Field Multiplier between 0 to 0.9 means disabling field multiplier.

Optional Feature:
You can install a new feature - Auto Looted and Disabled -.
If you install this feature, duplicated NPCs gives their all inventry items to the killer then be disabled at their death automatically.
This feature only works on the duplicated, that means, the original NPC still keeps their inventry as was and is not disabled.

To install this feature, just download Auto_Looted_and_Disabled_NPCs file then place Scripts folder under Data folder.
(It will just replace ScriptsAAAdeletemescript.pex)
By replacing the file, the feature will be automatically enabled.


1. Place those files under C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonskyrimData


2. Activate SkyrimMoreSpawns.esp

3. Start game and configure spawn rate on MCM of SkyUI.

I couldn't say paticular load order for this mod, since it's up to your priority for this mod.
If you have other Monster modifying mods and prior it, place this mod before it.
Currently I place it just after esm files.
I wish that Wrye Bash can works for Script Tag and merge this into Bashed Patch...

Configuration without MCM:

For those who don't use SkyUI and wants to configure the multiplier manually as previous versions, I'd list global variables to configure in console:

00090MiscMult to

Notice that a global variables above consists of both its Normal Multiplier and Field Multiplier.
The value means sam of Field Multiplier * 100 + Normal Multiplier, so it appears "XXY.Y" if both are configured.
And if Field Multiplier = 0, it appears "Y.Y".
For example, setting 00097FalmerMult to 5.5 means Falmers Normal Multiplier = 5.5 and Field Multiplier = 0.
Setting 00097FalmerMult 405.5 means Falmers Normal Multiplier = 5.5 and Falmers Field Multiplier = 4.0 (since 4.0 * 100 = 400)
So, you can configure those grobal variables along with below commands in console:

set 00090MiscBossMult to 305.0


1. Deactivate SkyrimMoreSpawns.esp

2. Remove all files above.

Completely different from previous version.
New game is recommended.

Known issues:
Needs test.

Change log:
SkyrimMoreSpawns 1.2 (Optional Feature):
You can place optional file - Auto Looted and Disabled - in to ver 1.2 environment.

SkyrimMoreSpawns 1.2:
Built upon Vanilla, DawnGuard and DragonBorn.

SkyrimMoreSpawns 1.1:
Built upon Vanilla and DawnGuard.
Suppots MCM of SkyUI.
Field Multiplier is implemented.

2.0 Beta
Enable in game configuration of multiplier count by 0.1 for each races, but currently only from console.
Multiplier can be between 1.0 to 8.0 range.

Separate esp files into racial options.
Provides 2 more options: Pretty Spawns and Lesser Spawns.

Built upon SkyMoMod v6.

Fixing a few flag issues.
Calling evaluatepackage() to apply aggression value.
However, some draugrs are still un-agressive.

Additional Drougrs, Dwerven machines used to be un-aggressive in former versions.
But they now were aggressive.

Add a condition for duplicating creatures, which will stem duplicating creatures "who DON't appear in the cell".
This might help to solve the problem 3 above (I haven't confirmed it by myself yet, so I won't delete it for now, and I'd appreciate any comments about it.)
Also, from this release, you can start new game with SkyMoMod_morespawns.esp activated.

Remove script from chikens and cows. So they will never be duplicated.

Thanks for everyone who are using my mod.