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Unlock every achievement through an MCM menu or by reading a book. Customize what achievements you unlock, or update the achievements you obtained while playing in offline mode. Legendary Edition includes all DLC.

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This mod allows you to unlock Steam achievements. Use the MCM menu to tick on the achievements you want to earn, then click achieve! Achievements are sorted by DLC and provide a description when you hover over them.

Ps. Be sure to check out my other mods by clicking here and clicking on the files tab. :D

If you're using MCM, everything you need you can find in the MCM menu. You no longer need the book. However, if you're not using SkyUI, follow the instructions below the picture to make the mod work.

1) Merge the Data folder with your Skyrim Data folder.
2) Make "Ak-Achievements Unlocked" an active mod.
3) Read " The Book of the Dragonborn's Achievements" in the Arcanaeum of Winterhold College.
4) Profit.

1) Merge the Data folder with your Skyrim Data folder.
2) Make "Ak-Achievements Unlocked" an active mod.
3) Edit the DatascriptsSource AKAChievementScript.psc file. (This is the source script).
4) Compile the script.
5) Read " The Book of the Dragonborn's Achievements" in the Arcanaeum of Winterhold College.
6) Profit.

You can edit the source with pretty much any word editor, though I generally use Notepad ++ or the Creation Kit (See compiling info). You'll see a list of achievement names followed by game code. Let's look at the first one as our example:


";Unbound" is the achievement title. "Game.addachievement(X)" tells the game to unlock that Steam achievement, with X being replaced by the number of the achievement. (Each achievement has its own number, from 1 to 50).
The game ignores anything behind a ";".
So to turn off the unbound achievement, just put a ";" in front of the game code. So the script, revised to not unlock the unbound achievement, would look like this:


To create a custom script tailored to unlock only the achievements you want it to, go through the script adding semicolons in front of the achievements you don't want to unlock.
If you're not sure whether you've earned an achievement, check the USEP Achievements page against your in game stats. If you aren't sure about an achievement, I'd error on the side of caution, as once you've unlocked an achievement, you can't re-lock it.

To my knowledge you can do this two ways:
1) You can do this with Notepad ++

2) Load the esp in the Creation Kit and find "AKAchievementCheatBook" under Items>Book. Double click the book to bring up the base form. Right click "AKAchievementScript" and click "Edit Source." With the source code open in the Creation Kit, Press "Ctrl + S" or click File>Save to compile and save your modified script.

Uninstall DataAk-Achievements Unlocked
And DatascriptsAKAChievementScript.pex
And DatascriptsSource AKAChievementScript.psc

I used this mod to update my achievements. I play the majority of the time with Steam in offline mode, and so my level 93 character (who has every skill at level 100 or above and has finished every major quest etc) had, according to steam, barely completed Unbound. I compared my in-game stats to the USEP Achievements page and customized the mod to update my achievements. Now my Steam account accurately reflects the achievements I've accomplished! To do the same for your character check out the install instructions!

Version 1: Unlock all Vanilla Achievements
Version 2.0BETA: Unlock all Vanilla Achievements and unlock all Dawnguard Achievements. BETA – Not all achievements confirmed to properly unlock – I believe I'm right, but I may have numbers confused. Please confirm if it works for you.
-Version2.0BETA also includes the achievements for Hearthfire, but are commented out. I don't know what will happen if you try to unlock them, considering they don't even exist on Steam yet, to my knowledge. So I wouldn't if I were you.

Version 3: Legendary! I needed to update this mod to include the new DLC, and thought it'd make the perfect chance to learn MCM menus. Enjoy!

Make sure you turn the esp on, and if you're doing a custom script, make sure you compile! If you have a question, post in the comments and I'll see if I can help you figure it out. :D

I am currently not posting any mods on Steam Workshop. If you see one of my mods on Steam Workshop, please report the file to me.
Thanks! :D