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This mod adds 4 new types of arrows to Skyrim. They can only be had by crafting

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Nicos Craftable Arrows v1.5

Reason for this mod:

Honestly......Just wanted some good looking arrows that I could craft in the game.

Thought some of you might like them too. :)

What this mod does:

This mod adds 4 new types of arrows to the game.

Withervines for the characters that like black

Lightsplinters for arrows in Maple

Quickthornes for arrows in rosewood

Dreadweave are dark with hawk feather flights, and steel tips

Where are they?

They can only be had by crafting at any forge with only the steel smithing perk required.

***Find them under the MISC section of crafting***

Each require slightly different components and are made 100 at a time.

All require nirnroot as the flights are made of it, and silver as the aroow heads are made of that.

How strong are they?

Same as Daedric.

Installation instructions:

Unpack the 7zip file to a known location (like desktop)

Open the folder, and find the folder labeled 'Data'

Copy/ paste or drag, and drop it into your Skyrim folder (normally located at C:SteamsteamappscommonSkyrim).

When propmpted by windows to overwrite files with the same name answer, "Yes to All"

Start Skyrim, and in the Data directory at the beginning place a check mark next to the .esp with the mod's name.

Play, and enjoy :)

Uninstallation instructions:

Disable, and delete the .esp file.

Run a windows Explorer search for 'Nicos Arrows'.

Delete the 2 folders with that name.

Version History:

1.0 initial release

1.1 added in Dreadweave arrows

1.2 repaired bad link to Dreadweave texture (thanks to mymgrimm for the bug report)

1.3 Re-worked the specular properties in the .nif file for a less reflective apperance, and added glow mapped arrow tips

1.4 Reduced specular strength (to almost nothing) to remove reflective properties of the arrows.

Added 25 quills (player owned) to the side of the fire pit in the Sleeping Giant in in Riverwood.

1.5 Lengthened Arrows, and quivers for lightsplinters, quickthorns, and withervines.

Darkened colors of lightsplinters, and Quickthorns


Big thanks to Ryana, and Axelrod for the arrow names (long ago for Oblivion).

***Additional Thanks***:

Go out to all who donated to inspire me to mod more (you know who you are).

It seems to be working :)


Please contact me BEFORE you do anything with the resources contained in this mod.

I will grant permissions on a 'request' basis only.

Authors Note:

This mod is dedicated to my lovely wife, and her struggle against cancer.

Author's Observation:

It appears that some of the custom body mods out there have characters with longer arms than the vanilla game.

These arrows should be long enough to keep from having the arrowhead on the players hand no matter if you use a body mod or not :)