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  1. User_75306653
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    Interesting title, ill be downloading this and seeing whats.. whats. thank you.
  2. GorgonZolaProductions
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    This was a decent quest mod.
    Nothing real fancy, just (from what I can tell) vanilla assets built into a competent, and lore friendly dungeon crawl for high level characters.

    Having said that I would like to note a few problems I ran across.
    The first and least serious being solid blue walls and ceilings in a few of the earlier areas with ENB turned on.

    Then in the labyrinth area, there are a bunch of sea weed that was placed floating above head level.
    Next there was an area where I just kind of started to swim around in mid air where there was no water to be found. That was the biggest thing, and I don't know if it was from the mod, or just Skyrim acting up.
  3. Shellbacker
    • member
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    So, at first, say for the beginning 20 mins, I was pretty underwhelmed. Perhaps I was too used to dungeon mods that immediately throw me into fighting for my dear life but I looked past that. The spiders went on for a while, and I had hopes for the Dwemer guardians in the maze, and they were more spiders and a few trolls. I was ready to call the mod a dud, I was. Got into the Nordic ruins, okay, a few very tough draugr, cool. That's my jam - still a little bored. Then there was more, and more, and then dozens in a single corridor.

    That's where it started getting good! I had to use just about everything I could think of to get by them, the hordes of tough draugr douches, but damn it was good. Then some parts started getting red and I expected just a simple dragon priest battle with an armada of tough draugr. Boom, now we're in fukn Oblivion. The atmosphere you built for that was outstanding. I truly felt like I was in hell for the short time there. The lone dremora were a little lackluster but still tough.

    As for the last battle, damn that scene. It was beautiful. Loved the arena. Loved how I had to get there. Loooooved fighting Mehrune's pupil, tho I wish I could have fought more since that fight lasted maybe 30 seconds before finishing the mod. Nice loot at the end chest, although it was nothing special or unique.

    Overall I'd say that was an hour well spent. If you're planning on making improvements, I would absolutely replay the hell out of it. There's a lot of potential here and I'm excited to see what else you've made!
  4. EverWatch
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    I was wondering if I could have permission to convert your two LE dungeons to SEE?

    Yes or no, thank for all your work on Skyrim!
  5. elenalejua
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    Has a deleted vanilla Navmesh that can crash your game if another mod tries to refer to the same NM in the same cell.

    Open the CK and use it with TES5EDIT to fix it and restore the vanilla navmesh if you are getting CTD's that are definitely linked to this mod.
  6. dippydip
    • member
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    Just a small question is this a mod just for Special Edition or can i use it also in OLDRIM
  7. wwof608
    • member
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    Where is the entry point for this mod? How do I start it? Also, can I have my companions with me or do they need to be left at home?

    Well I discovered the entrance is at Fort Dragonhead.

    Great mod. I really enjoyed the battles and had no technical problems with it. It seemed kind of short...maybe because it was so much fun.
  8. KurganSPK
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    Pretty cool mod, enjoyed it - too long and similar in places and not enough cool loot IMHO. Was either too easy or two freakin' hard... with little in between. The last third particularly. And i had two kickass followers helping me!

    update: though I missed the "should be at least level 30" detail in the description. My bad. I was level 21-22...
  9. SisterD
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    yes, hang a torch


    Where??? I have shown my torch all over the walls there & I don't see a sconce anywhere! I'm going nuts!
    PS: This is one really DARK dungeon. Not a complaint, just saying.
    1. KurganSPK
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      you are overthinking it....;-)
  10. undeadj1229
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    is it plan to Skyrim SSE Edtion