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Magical Alchemy Harvest-o-tron! v0.1


Adds a Harvest spell that collects alchemy ingredients (ie plants, dragonflies, mushrooms, fish etc*) while being cast. It will not take owned items.
The longer it is cast, the greater the distance it collects within, starting close but quickly expanding.
Learn the spell from the spellbook on Farengar's desk in Dragonsreach in Whiterun that can be freely taken.
*The spell should also take ingredients from beehives.

The spell is classed as and listed under Alteration, but does not advance that skill. (It shouldn't advance any skill) and shouldn't be affected by any perks.
It doesn't get any bonus from dual casting. Casting left and right handed simultaniously is probably a bad idea, so don't do it.
If you have a lot of magicka you will be able to cast this spell for a loooong time. That might be a bad thing. It might eventually harvest all plants in the gameworld.. or it might crash the game.
Green Thumb perk doesn't/shouldn't have any effect while casting.