About this mod

Adds a power that allows the player to fly with custom animations.

Permissions and credits
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Update V0.9:

-Added a spell that lets companions fly, they will follow you and attack with a set of spell.
-Hopefully fixed some bugs :)

*Update V0.875:
-If you get stuck on the throat of the world, please go to your Data\Scripts\ folder and remove the file "FlyTomeTeleport.pex".
-Hopefully fixed everything wrong with 0.8 (Speed, stuck on the mountain, lorebreaking ...)
-The power now will consume a dragon soul to run, you can toggle this off from the config menu.
-Stamina consumption now is DEFAULT, if you dont want it you can also change it from the config menu.
-Hopefully I can start working on new features instead of constantly fixing bugs :P
Update V0.8:

-Removed the ring. I turned the whole thing into a toggleable power, you can buy it on any of the spelltome merchants on the major cities.
-Added 2h weapon combat, your swings will shoot a powerful beam.
-Added dual wield combat, same as above but with two beams.
-Added 1h + shield combat, shield will consume a lot of magicka and protect you from any magical harm.
-Fixed camera flying away with collisions.
-Removed the takeoff controls and added the fly up and down back.
Make sure to use Fores tool again, new animations have been added.

Update V0.7:

-Added a config menu where you can change the following things:
--Stamina consumption, from no consumption, only consumption flying at high speed and total consumption from any movement.
--Speed, now you can set the speed to 8 different values.
--Effects, I removed the 4 rings, left only 1 and now you can pick the effect from the config menu. There are 8 effects.
--Beta collisions, basically sets your character into ragdoll mode which lets you collide while flying, there are some bugs but its a very cool way of collisions, bodypart collision as I like to call it, so if your leg collides, only your leg will move as seen in a video I uploaded a while ago.
--TakeOff event, sets wheter you want to start with the takeoff animation or fly directly.
- Added takeoff animation.
- Added new idles animation for 2h weapons, dual wield, 1h + shield. Combat will have to wait till I figure out how to make it viable.
- Compatibility with controllers and any kind of input, it uses the control keys you set in the skyrim config menu.
- Full zero gravity, no more falling or going up for no reason
- Improved script performance, basically the controls will respond instantly and you wont get the delay depending on your current framerate.
- Removed up and down controls, Space and control (or the controls you have for either jump or sneak) wont make you go Up or down anymore, instead they are use for landing and takeoff. Press sneak while in flight to land and space in land to takeoff again without unequipping the ring.
- Added custom animations for healing.
- Added the ability to shout.
- You can now disenchant the ring and apply the enchant to any piece of armor you like :)

Update V0.6:

-Requieres Fores New Idles 3.0. Please read the description, it will explain how to generate a new behavior, its very simple, just 1 click.
-Added spell combat with custom animations, equip a spell and press R, wait for the magneto pose animation to play, if it doesnt press R again untill it does ( melee combat will have to wait :/ )
-New Animations for movement.
-Redid all animations. (Hope you guys like it)
-Optimized script.
-Reduced the number of times you get the half-T animation bug.
-Flying at normal speed now consumes stamina in relation to the amount of stamina you have.
-Flying at high speed consumes 2x stamina.
-Flying at low speed consumes no stamina.
-Spell cost is based on the amount of stamina and magicka you have, since right now I dont have an accurated way to get the real cost of the spell, this works.
-If you run out of magicka/stamina, the ring gets destroyed and you will have to build a new one. Also you might die if your health is lower than 50%.
Update V0.5:
Note: If after installing this mod, you cant sneak, please redownload the mod and reinstall it, and it will fix the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.
-Redid the whole script so it works with SKSE and Fores New Idles ( this wasnt easy at all )
-Compatible with all races now.
-Added Up and Down controls.
-Controls now are (for those who dont use a keyboard, you will have to wait till skse adds some sort of compatibility):
W = Forward
S = Back
A = Left
D = Right
Space = Up
Cjavascript-event-stripped Down
Shift = Low Speed
Alt = High Speed
-There are transitions betwen animations now (Thanks fore :))
-Future plans:
-Add my own custom combat system.
-Fix collisions, a friend of mine is very close to solve this one.
-And as always, open to suggestions.
-I have to point that right now you can use spells and weapons in first person mode

Update V0.3:

Added modulable speed, meaning if you press sneak you will fly half the speed and if you press sprint you will double the speed, plus it plays a cool animation for it :) (Warning with this last one, increases the chance of CTD).

Update V0.2:

Changed from 1 ring to 4 crafteable rings, one without effects, with fire effects, ice effects and shock effects (check the image section).
Added 5 seconds of "No fall damage" after you remove the ring.
Added compatibility with Vampire races.

This mod adds a spell you can buy at any spell merchant on the major cities, which allows the player to fly playing custom animations. I am uploading this as a beta due to known bugs, and unknown which is why I need other people to test it and give me some feedback about bugs or conflicts with other mods.

Known bugs are:

-The one I find more annoying is the T animation bug, sometimes you might find your player playing the T animation, wait a few seconds (in my case when the world ends rendering) and it will play the right animation. I really dont know how to fix this one, and its one of the main reasons im releasing this. I hope somebody knows the answer to this one.


This mod requieres both SKSE and Fores New Idles, IT WONT WORK WITHOUT THEM. To install FNIS please follow the instructions provided by fore in the page mod.
Extract everything to your data folder and run your game using the SKSE_Loader.exe


I would like to thank first all the people on the flying mod thread I couldnt have done this without you guys. I would also like to thank DarkenDe, for his continuous support and his ideas, I really couldnt have done this without you friend. Then to the Hologram, the creator of hkxcmd, without his work this couldnt have been possible, also, to SaidenStorm who's setup for 3dsmax to export animations helped me a lot. And the blame to bethesda for not giving us better tools to add/remove animations to the behavior graph, and we are stuck making this workarounds.
Credits to the SKSE team, thanks for making our life easier :D
Credits to Fore, for giving us a way to add new animations to the game.
I am giving full access to any of the assets I developed in this mod, to use on any mod or to improve this one :)