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Added: 23/04/2012 - 01:25AM
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Looks like it's time for another set of Spells from Misa... But this time she did more than add spells to Skyrim, no.

This time... There is going to be weapons and ammo.


Version 1.0

Add 3 spells to your game and 1 book

Create Spider, yes the spider... Why would you make a Venom pack without Spiders?

Spider Poison, a spell that holds deadly poison in the palm of your hand.

Heal poison, why not? I made a cure disease spell after all

Version 2.0

Add the Kumo Kiba to your game

Spider Fang deals damage like no other... Once it strikes it's target they suffer health loss from the Venom on the blade.

Completely new weapon that uses it's own cool detailed textures and meshes, so no replacing other weapons in your game.

Version 3.0

Add the Venom Arrows to your game...

Kumo Tsubaki arrows are dipped in Spider saliver to erode away the metal and make the metal sharper and stronger.
Powerful arrows that glow in the dark from the venom


Video to show the version 1