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Overhauls the Unarmed combat system, by adding new Unarmed and Unarmored skills, weapons and clothing, perks, enchantments, and enemies.

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This project is no longer being maintained by myself, the original author. However, davethepak has updated this mod and maintains a version that works with up-to-date Skyrim. You may find it here:

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Version 1.5
24 August 2012

1-27-13: This mod is no longer being supported. I may pick it back up at some point in the future. For now, however, I am working on another project called Oblivionauts. Check it out if you like the rest of my work. :-)

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I am also the creator of the Unarmed Warfare mod. If you use that one, then I would suggest switching to Way of the Monk.
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Way of the Monk adds two new skills, weapons, clothing and armor, perks, enchantments, enemies, and locations to the game to overhaul the unarmed combat system. Playing a monk-style character is now an option with the overhaul. The product of over 500 hours of work, this mod and its subsequent parts hope to add an entirely new style of gameplay. Future parts are hoped to include new factions, quests, animation, follwers, and more.

Unlike most of the previous unarmed mods, Way of the Monk does NOT REPLACE existing skills, but adds two new ones. They do not use the vanilla skill system, but instead run on a system of scripts that operate in the background as you play. Thousands of lines of script have been written to manage your skills and level them in a balanced manner.


FOR NEW USERS: My advice is to first visit the Pillars of the Way. They are slightly up the road from the Guardian stones. They allow you to manage your skills and perks, and learn about the mod. Use the Pillar of the Way first. This will give you the Unarmed weapon. This weapon has no physical appearance, but is neccesary to level the Unarmed skill. You may hotkey it to use it quickly.

To level your Unarmored skill, you must simply take damage while not wearing armor. Note that I mean ANY armor. I do not mean that you have to be naked, however. You can still wear clothing and robes. But wearing anything that has an armor rating will stop you from leveling your Unarmored skill.

Currently, raising these skills does not actually increase your level. I would love to add that feature, but it's simply not possible. There is no way at all for me to do it unless SKSE adds that function in a later version. To compensate for that, I suggest that you also use some other skills with Unarmed and Unarmored. Restoration, Sneak, Alteration, and Alchemy all fit well with the Monk theme and suit the Monk playthrough, though any skills will work.

To read a detailed list and explanation of all of the new content in the game (as well as a guide to playing it), please visit this link:


Latest Video News Update:

Update 1.5:

Read the "Changlog 1.5" article for a full list of changes.


1. Click on the Download tab.
2. Below "Way of the Monk - Part 1" click "Download With Nexus Mod Manager" to get it with NMM. Just click on the name to download it manually.
3. If you downloaded it manually, export the .zip into your Skyrim Data folder.


Since this is a rather complex mod, I will be releasing a number of player guides and extended descriptions of the mod.


In the future I will be releasing a number of player guides for those of you that want advice or more information on using my mod. Check regularly or subscribe at the Elder Scrolls Modding

Player Guides and latest news:

Player Guide - Specialization:


For testers and *ahem* cheaters, here is a list of all the additions to the world of Skyrim:


Martial Arts: I would suggest using the Martial Arts mod here on the Nexus if you would like a little less repetition in your hand-to-hand attacks. It adds new attack animations for Unarmed combat:

WARNING: Do not use the Dual Flurry mod that is suggested by the author of Martial Arts. For some reason it messes up my Unarmed leveling system.

It is unlikely that I will add new animations directly to this mod, since I don't want to force the player to use them. However, if you use an animation mod that you want to work with Way of the Monk, then feel free to contact me and I will try to make them compatible.

**Unarmed Blocking**

To block while fighting with the "Unarmed" weapon, you can download the Dual Wield Parrying mod. It allows blocking while dual-wielding and while fighting unarmed:


If you have suggestions/complaints about the leveling system or perks, please feel free to leave a comment. I will consider adding/changing the feature that you mentioned. Please be patient, though, as I improve this mod. I have real-life duties that I must comply with, so I cannot always work as much as I'd like to on modding. Also, there are some features that I WANT to add to the game, but simply can not because of the way Bethesda made it. Skyrim is not nearly as modder-friendly as their previous games, so there are some things that I just cannot do with the Creation Kit.


tom349 (for weapons)
BloodySunday (for retexture of tom249's weapons)
fg109 (from the Nexus, for scripting help)
MoonSweets (a.k.a, for general help and encouragement)
All of my beta-testers