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Copy your character's face from one save to another, without having to recreate it in-game.

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Skyrim Face Transfer lets you transfer your characters' faces between different saves.
No need to recreate your favorite characters' faces ingame anymore.

Bethesda forums thread:

Note that it is an early version! There are most likely several bugs and glitches in there, so be sure to backup your saves before using this program! (The source file should never be in danger, but better safe than sorry, eh?)

Please report any bugs you come across! Whenever there is an error, a file looking something like error_2012-04-16_18-53-13.txt should be created in SFT's folder. The contents of that file helps me a lot when hunting bugs, so please post it when you report a bug (only the latest, if there are more than one)

Mod support

None so far. Hopefully I will have it working for version 0.3 (next release). Until then, if you are using modded hairstyles or something like that, you'll have to go in after the transfer and fix up your character using showracemenu. Beware of your stats changing! Read more about it on UESP.

Transferring races

Transferring races is currently bugged. and NOT recommended. If used, the character's head may disappear which can only be fixed by using console commands.

Installation instructions and requirements

As of version 0.2, only Python is required! Any Python 2 version above 2.5 should work. Python 3 is not supported.

Download Python:


Download Portable Python if you don't want to install python just for SFT:
Choose Open With... on SkyrimFaceTransfer.pyw and pick pythonw.exe in [PortablePython's folder]Apps.
(Thanks to kn1ghtfall for the link)

It does not matter where you extract Skyrim Face Transfer.


Pick the save with the face you want to use (the Source file).
Pick the save with the character you want to give a new face to (the Target file).
Choose if you want to transfer the Source's gender and/or race.
Press Transfer.
Done! The old version of the Target save has been copied to [oldname].facebak0.


Skyrim Face Transfer was programmed by nycz (Pyntix on Bethesda's forums) and is licensed under GPLv3.