True Destruction by chainfloats
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Added: 15/04/2012 - 10:20AM
Updated: 01/05/2012 - 11:01AM

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Last updated at 11:01, 1 May 2012 Uploaded at 10:20, 15 Apr 2012

Adds an craftable enchantment to the game, allowing you to increase the damage of your destruction spells dependant on your Enchanting skill. This allows you to boost your magical power in the lategame in the same way as you can boost your weapon skills.

There are other mods, which change the spelldamage via perks or just staticly multiply the modifier. However, imho it doesnt solve the problem since there is still a cap and you get this strenght too early.

Feel free to abuse the Alchemy-Enchantment-Loop as I'll maybe do :D

I'll add a weaker version if many people think its too strong (atm it's 50% more damage on lvl 100 Enchantment), but personally i dont think so. DAMN IT, you're a ****ing mage! youre NOT supposed to need 20 fireballs to kill someone while you could just one-shot someone with your sword. And it is btw still harder (but its possible )to get high damage than with weapons, because you cannot "smith" your spells ;)

Works on Torso, Helmet, Ring and amulet, basically like the Fortify Destruction Enchantment does.

to learn the Enchantment, look for the "Ancient Ring" in Dragonsreach, the room with the Enchantment table (see picture) and disenchant it.